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My name is Brian Noblin and i'm a Golf Packager in Myrtle Beach. I started this site in 2001 as a way to inform people about Myrtle Beach Golf and possibly gain a few clients in the mean time. Please feel free to browse about the site and enjoy the very informative interactive message board room. Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions, need to get a quote or book your golf package!


The Myrtle Beach Golf Talk Forum is the heart and soul of this website (it's where the "Talk" is derived from) and has transformed over the years. This is the latest, and hopefully last, incarnation of the Forum. Here is where all of the latest information can be found, from recent trip reports to advice for a particular issue. Over the years, Forum members have formed friendships, there is an annual Forum Outing in Myrtle Beach and occasionally local outings where Forum members get together and play golf.


If you are seeing this notice, you are either not registered on the site and/or not signed in. Not all of the Forum content is visible to you either. Some of it, such as the Trip Reports, is only visible by registered users of the site and you must be signed in. So if you are registered, that's great. Sign in and view all of the content. If you are not registered, please do so by clicking the Register link just above.  It only takes a few minutes. Then, come on in and get to know us and hopefully join in!

Myrtle Beach Q&A

Myrtle Beach Q&A

General Q&A

Do you a question on anything Myrtle Beach? Then this is the place to ask.


Golf Course Q&A

Have questions about course conditions? Which is the best course to play in the South end or the North end? Wondering how your lineup is shaping up? This is the place to ask your question and get your answer.


Accommodation Q&A

Not sure where to stay when you come to Myrtle Beach? Ask away!


Dining and Entertainment Q&A

Do you have a question where to eat and/or play when off of the golf course? This is the place to have your questions answered.