As with the old site, Myrtle Beach Golf Talk members can let others know where and when they will be playing by adding those tee times to the site calendar.  Doing it on this site is a little different, so here’s how to do it in two ways.

From the Calendar Page

Click on the Calendar link on the top menu:

This will display the Calendar.  At the top of the calendar are two links:

The first link will present a simple form which will allow you to create an event (tee time).  The second link will display a list of the events (tee times) that you have created.  More on that later.

After clicking the first link, the entry form is shown:

Enter the information in to the boxes and click Submit event.  If everything works as expected, a confirmation will be shown:

You are presented with a few options.  You can wither View or Edit your just submitted event, Submit another event or view the list of all of your submitted events.  If you select to View your event, the Event details screen is shown:

This is the view that everyone will see when looking at the details of your event (tee time).

Again, to view all of your submitted tee times, click the top link.  A listing of your submitted tee times will be shown with a few options:

The default is all upcoming events.  You can view, edit or delete individual tee times.  You can also switch between Upcoming and Past events.  Under Display options, you can select the various columns that are displayed in the list (like Status, Title, etc.).  You can also Search event titles by using the search box on the top right.

From the Forum Page

The second way to do it is from the Forum page.  To the right of the forum are two green buttons:

Click the top one to bring up the form to add the tee time and click the second to view your existing tee times.  Nice and convenient!

And that’s really about it.  If you have any issues, questions or comments, please leave them in the forum and someone will be along to give you a hand.

UPDATE – December 26th, 2018

We have added a Category and Tag option to the Tee Time events.  When entering, it looks like the screen shot below:

Under Event Categories select Tee Times (if you select Aerification then your tee time will show up on the Aerification list instead).  Under Tags, you can type in the course name or select it from the list. This will allow people to search by Course name and see who is playing.  Click Submit and you are all done!

Any questions, please ask in the forums.