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Central or north Myrtle Beach


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Setting up this years trip and I’m debating between playing northern courses and staying at the Glens or playing central and staying at Myrtlewood. I hear Myrtlewood is hit and miss and have never had a bad experience at The Glens. 
mare there any other decent places to stay (not on 501). Thanks fir any help. 

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The location depends mostly on the courses you want to play, then the 
lodging that you like. 
I see multiple recommendations for these, but have not stayed in them,
so consider them ideas to look at: 
Barefoot Yacht Club - Tilglman - Avista   

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@artmbgolf We’re very familiar with the area. Northern trip would get us at Thistle, Crow Creek, tidewater, Glen Dornoch & Oyster Bay. Central would be The Dunes, Pine Lakes, Kings North & Grand Dunes.


Brian has condos at Crescent Shores which is in North Myrtle, right next to Molly Darcys. 

Staying there makes it easy to get to all the central AND north courses that you mentioned. FYI.

Brian says the condos there are real nice. I think one of them is a 4 bedroom condo.



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