Here you are.  You are looking at the Myrtle Beach Golf Talk Forum and you see that not everything is available to you, or you have a question about Myrtle Beach that you just cannot get answered.  Well, you are in the right spot.  We are going to get you registered on the site so you can fully participate.  This is the first of a series of tutorials that will help you get the most out of Myrtle Beach Golf Talk.  Here we go…

There are two places that you can register from.  The first is at the top of the menu:

And the second is from the Forum page which can be reached using the link just to the left, or the Forum menu item as per the screenshot below:

Once on the Forum, on the top of the Forum menu, select Register (or click this link to be taken directly there – Register):

Using either method, once you are at the Registration screen, you will enter your Username and Email Address, confirm that you agree to the privacy policy, forum rules, have below a 10 handicap (just kidding) and that you are not a robot.  Lastly, you will need to confirm that you will get an email with a link to set a password.  Please make sure that you email address is correct!  This is what it looks like:

In a few minutes after clicking the Register button, you will get an email that has a link to go to to set your password (it’s called Reset Password).  Type in your password and confirm and click the Reset Password button.

You are all set and logged in.  When you are logged in, you will see the full forum.  There will also be additional menu items at the top of the forum, specifically My Profile (and Logout, but who would ever use that!). My Profile has some sub-menu items – Account (where we set various account properties like an Avatar, location, time zone, etc.), Activity (where we can see the threads and posts that we  have created) and Subscriptions (where we can see the forums, topics and threads that we have subscribed to, and can unsubscribe from one spot rather than going all over to find our subscriptions).  One important note – By default, all threads and topics that you author will be automatically subscribed for you.  If you do not want this, please remove the check from the Subscribe box when you are authoring a post.  

When you select My Profile, your basic profile and stats are shown along with some additional menu items shown in the red box in the image below:

As mentioned before, Account allows you to change personal information that will show up on your profile for others to see.  Activity shows topics and posts that you have authored and Subscriptions details the threads you are subscribed to.  Messages allows you to send Private Messages to other users on the Forum.

The first step is to fill in your personal information:

There are three basic sections to the Account section of the My Profile.  The top section I’m not counting as a part because it is always showing no matter which menu item you select.  It shows your avatar, user name, the group you belong to, when you joined, your status and your stars (which are based on numbers of posts).

Section One

Display Name – This is what you want others to see

Nickname – This is a special version of your Username that is used by the system to create the URL to your profile for others.  It can be the same or different

Email – Make sure this is a valid email address or you will miss out on any subscription notifications, password reset emails, etc.

Title – This can be anything you want.  Keep it clean please.

Avatar – Although not required, it’s nice to have.  There are three options:

  1. WordPress Avatar system – This is based on Gravatar.  If your email address is registered with Gravatar, it will automatically fill in that Avatar
  2. Specify avatar by URL – This allows you to link to an online picture as an avatar
  3. Upload an avatar – This lets you upload your own picture and use it as your avatar

Section Two

Section two gives you an opportunity to fill in some more personal items that are listed publicly in your profile (make sure you want them to be seen before you fill them in).

About Me – This is a short biography.  You can mention your favorite places to eat, where you like to play golf or anything that people may find interesting (or that you find interesting)

Website – Do you have a website that you want to to be known?  Just a note, please be respectful.  This site is owned by Brian.  Please do not post links to other golf packager websites.

Occupation – What to you do to fund your Myrtle Beach Golf obsession…

Signature – This is what will be posted at the end of every thread you author

Social Networks – Active on Social media?  If you want that information published, feel free to include it, you never know who might be your next follower…

Location – Let us know what country you are from

Timezone – Picking your timezone will ensure that the time stamps on posts are shown correctly for you

Section Three

The last section is all about your password.  By filling in your old password and then entering a new one, you can change it.

After that is all said and done, click on the Save Changes button on the bottom.

One other point.  The button on the bottom left (Contact the forum administrator) will open up the About/Contact page where you can fill out a form and send a message to Brian.

That should get you started.  If you have any questions, post them in the Forum or send Brian a note.