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Best OR Worst Calabash...(all you can eat)... restaurants  



This topic came up in another restaurant thread.

I'm a crab leg guy, and if you are a crab leg guy, there is no better value than at a Calabash joynt.

All other info about non-seafood items would be appreciated by others reading this I am sure... so let us know what you know.

Thanks in advance.


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2 Answers

Capt Georges + Capt Benjamins are the best IMO, but it's been a long time since 
I tried any others.   To have a lot of fresh legs coming out, you want to be at a busy 
place, so they don't sit there. 
There are some new small places that have come up with names that sound like 
the other popular places.  I would not trust those.      There is or was a place named 
Crabby Mike's.   I thought I saw a new place somewhere on 17 with a name of 
Crabby George's.       

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Good point about wanting to be at a busy restaurant in order to get fresher food.



Not a seafood/crab leg eater - however, we go to the Giant Crab every Thanksgiving and enjoy it. Lot's for me to eat - fresh steaks, pasta, hibachi, and I do like their butterfly shrimp. Deserts are OK. Can handle once a year until I get hungry again

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