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Best OR Worst Calabash...(all you can eat)... restaurants


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This topic came up in another restaurant thread.

I'm a crab leg guy, and if you are a crab leg guy, there is no better value than at a Calabash joynt.

All other info about non-seafood items would be appreciated by others reading this I am sure... so let us know what you know.

Thanks in advance.


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Capt Georges + Capt Benjamins are the best IMO, but it's been a long time since 
I tried any others.   To have a lot of fresh legs coming out, you want to be at a busy 
place, so they don't sit there. 
There are some new small places that have come up with names that sound like 
the other popular places.  I would not trust those.      There is or was a place named 
Crabby Mike's.   I thought I saw a new place somewhere on 17 with a name of 
Crabby George's.       

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Good point about wanting to be at a busy restaurant in order to get fresher food.



Not a seafood/crab leg eater - however, we go to the Giant Crab every Thanksgiving and enjoy it. Lot's for me to eat - fresh steaks, pasta, hibachi, and I do like their butterfly shrimp. Deserts are OK. Can handle once a year until I get hungry again

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Bimini's on Lake Arrowhead Road, not an all you can eat, but portions are good size.


I'm with you Lefty, just give me a non-chain, non-buffet, local seafood restaurant and I'm good!

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My family insists on dinner at Biminis every trip.


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I usually go at Captain Georges except for this year. 

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I probably haven't been to an all you can eat seafood place in 16 or 17 years now.  I always think about it and then just don't go.  I guess once you get past the shrimp and crab legs...there just isn't anything that thrills me that much.  I love raw oysters but have never found them to be that good on any seafood buffet.  And, I am probably more partial to Gulf oysters because they come out of water that us much nastier (which may add to the taste...I don't know).  In years way past, I have eaten at Captain George's, Giant Crab, and Benjamin's (plus a few more) and found them to be pretty close to the same.  You just need to be there when it is fairly busy to get fresh food on the buffet.



I've been to both Captain George's & The Original Benjamin's within the past year and both had good crab legs.  I would give the overall to Captain George's.  Others have mentioned it, but having the right amount of turnover on any buffet is key so the items don't sit out too long.

There was a topic about this recently on NextDoor for the Market Common area (where I live).  Someone mentioned the Claw House has crab legs on Mondays as a special.  Someone also mentioned Driftwoods on Rt 707 has All-You-Can-Eat crab legs Sunday to Thursday.  They bring them to your table (similar to what the long gone Outrigger used to do...which was awesome).  I haven't been to either place, so I can't give a first person review.

A number of people on NextDoor also mention Crabby Mike's buffet as a good choice.  I haven't been there yet either.

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Good info .


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