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I was just wondering if forum members can remember the first course they ever played while visiting Myrtle Beach??

For myself.... it was Oyster Bay in the fall of 1995!!  I fell in love with Myrtle Beach and have been taking fall golf trips with my buddies ever since!!  It will be interesting to see some of the answers and if these courses are still open.

Myrtle Beach National Southcreek in December 1979 or 1980


Robbers Roost or Possum Trot in 1978.

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Robbers Roost

A friend had sent away for MB brochures.  Six of us had a meeting to try and pick
the 7 best courses out of 29 in 1978.   It looks like we did that.  
I can't remember the order we played the courses, but I know RR was first. 
Robbers Roost - Pine Lakes - The Dunes - Surf Club - Bay Tree Gold  
Kings North - Arcadian Shores 

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Well done Art.... if Robbers Roost and Bay Tree Gold were still going... this list would be a great trip to be on in 2019!!

I was thinking the same thing!


Sandpiper Bay when I was 12.  My Dad, my cousin, and my cousin's Dad played.  My cousin, who is the same age, and I were so pumped to play golf on vacation with the big guys.  Come to think of it, it's my 25th year Myrtle Beach golf playing anniversary this year!


Gator Hole in August 1988.  


Waterway Hills in 1995


2000 First trip to MB Bay Tree gold.


Brownwood Bandit


River Club, August 2005


1981 - Bay Tree Green and Gold

( I miss Gator Hole and Marsh Harbor more than any other courses)

Golf is just an excuse to drink whiskey and smoke cigars


Robbers Roost for me in late 70's


My first foray to Nirvana was Arcadian Shores 1999.  Also the first time seeing Gators  on a course .  One gator sunning himself on 13 green was massive.

Nothin Could be Finer !!!!!!


For me it was Bay Tree Gold


One of the Myrtlewood courses in 1982, don't remember which one. Crazy week that third week of March was. Began the week in shorts and some pool time, then on Thursday a cold hard rain chased us off of one of the Bay Tree courses. That rain eventually turned into a couple inches of snow, which the natives had no idea how to handle. 😆 



It was Arcadian Shores.

''It's just golf, let's have fun''


Blackmoor... way back in July 1993 on my first ever trip in Myrtle Beach with my wife!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada


For me the year was 1971, my dad and I had 18 courses to choose from and Robber's Roost was my first, played it just after a great article in Golf Digest on the course and at that time it did not disappoint, even tried to hit a wedge into the bushel basket on the back side Par 5 they had on top of an old tree, nothing but water and missed the mark terribly.

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