The Myrtle Beach Golf Talk Forum gives our community an opportunity to help one another to achieve the best possible trip to Myrtle Beach.  However, in order to find out something, we need to ask.  And as it has been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

This tutorial is geared towards doing that.  Creating a new topic as well as adding an attachment which will work not only for new topics, but for replies also.  Let’s get started.

The Basics

In order to start a new topic, go into the forum of your choice (this one is showing the Testing forum) and click on New Topic:









When that happens, the following screen is shown where you can add your text:

There are 6 parts to this screen:

  1. The Title of the Topic – Type in what the topic is about
  2. The text of the topic posting
  3. Options for the post:
    1. By selecting Private Topic, only administrators or moderators will see the post
    2. Attach Files – This allows you to add one or more attachments to the post (usually used for pictures).  There will be more on this later in this tutorial
    3. Create a poll – Ask our members something
  4. Topic Tags – You can set up to 5 tags that will help classify the topic and make searching easier.  For example, Trip Report, Course Review, Forum Outing can all be used at tags.  Course names, restaurants, etc. can also be used
  5. You are automatically subscribed to your topic.  Should you not want to receive emails, unselect this
  6. Click Add Topic will save the topic to the forum

Adding an Attachment

By selecting the Attach Files option from the screenshot above, another window opens that allows you to select existing files that you have uploaded, or upload additional files:

Selecting Attach Files opens up the typical file selection window:

Select the pictures/files that you want and click Open.  The new files are added ready to be uploaded:

You can click either the indicated Start button to do individual file uploads, or click the Start Upload button on the top to start uploading all files selected (if there are multiple files).  Once the upload is complete, the files will be added to your list of files and can be added to the post:

Click Insert Into Post to add the files to the current post.  The files will be shown in the editor as shortcodes that, when the post is saved, will be replaced with the actual file:

After the post has been saved (posted), then the actual attachment will be shown:

Lastly, after the post has been submitted, should you ever want to be unsubscribed from post updates, click the Unsubscribe link at the top.

Like anything, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask in the forums.