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MB in mid-October


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Would mid-October be a good time to go to Myrtle Beach?  I don't like it too hot and absolutely hate the rain.  How would green fees compare to other times of the year?


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My group goes every year the first full week of October.  This year we will be arriving on October 5th and playing the 6th-12th.  Normally the weather is fine with temps anywhere from 72-90.  Courses are usually in very good condition and restaurants not too crowded.  This is still hurricane season and there is some risk there, but overall our trips have been great.  I will submit a full trip report after October 12th.

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Thanks for your answer tadpole.


Anytime in Oct is a good time.  Usually the humidity is over.   Look at the average temps. 
It can be cool mornings and plenty warm in the PM.  
Green fees are the 2nd highest of the year, with Spring the highest.     
If you want a little lower rates and don't mind it cooler or play PM golf, look for when the
rates drop around 2nd week of November.   MBGT members go to MB in all different times
of the year, if it fits their schedule, price, where they are from, etc.   



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Well, Cement's my answer to your question.

I've been to MB the past 6 or 7 or 8 Octobers and this is what I've found as far as weather.


It is either perfect (80 and sunny) or there is a hurricane.

Usually perfect.


Golf rates....  if you don't play the Top Tier courses, it is very affordable, especially if you play in the PM.

Some mid/ low tier courses I recommend that don't take a big bite out of your wallet...

The Witch , Crown Park, The Pearls, River Hills, Farmstead, Meadowlands, Sandpiper Bay.


Call or email Brian...his INFO is at the top of this page... and he will do his best to build the trip you are looking for.

Have fun planning.

Let us know what courses you book.





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Never pass up River Hills - tough but fair and usually in prime shape. It's definitely a hidden gem!

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This October will be my groups 25th trip to Myrtle Beach.... all in mid October!!  As others have stated... the courses are in great shape...and the weather by the afternoon is usually in the 75F - 80F range. The mid October time frame for our group has worked out very well for us.


You won't go wrong by choosing October for a MB golf trip!

Wishing you a great one!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

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Thanks for your replies.  I don't mind going the second week on November.  The number one thing is I don't like the rain.

Would prefer to play higher end courses during that time to save money.


Our group goes the weekend PRIOR to Thanksgiving.  Like golfing private courses.  The weather can be sketchy.  Wide range from shorts to frost delays.  Mostly in the middle of those two options though.  Only 2 years did we actually have any sort of frost delays (out of 10) and we only have had 2.5 rain checks in those years.  

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Our group goes the weekend PRIOR to Thanksgiving

When I first started coming down in 81 we also booked the second week in November - Never lost a round but often had to bundle up to play in the morning, but the second 18 was usually beautiful weather. Eventually we moved to the end of October.

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I have been many times in November and the weather was not a factor. Just play around 10 am and you will have enough time to finish your round. 

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