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I have been coming to MB for 30 years. Going to be staying in Barefoot for the month of October. Looking to play in the north end primarily. Any thoughts on condition issues or maintenance concerns pertaining to the following courses would be much appreciated-Long Bay, Shaftsbury, all MBN courses, Sandpiper, River Hills, Pine Lakes, Oyster Bay, The Pearl and Meadowlands.

Thanks in advance and hit 'em well.   

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When not overly wet - MBN, Long Bay, River Hills, Meadowlands, Farmstead, and Pine Hills/Palmetto have been as good a condition as I have ever seen them. Sandpiper has gotten good reports, Pearl and OB have been deemed decent. Shaftsbury is hit or miss.

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MB aeration is over by Oct.  Ask about overseeding.   
Since you are playing courses near each other, you can also check some 
of them out in person.  IE Play Pearl Check out OB, SPB, ML, FS.   
You should add Farmstead and Crow Creek to your potential list.   



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You should really consider playing Farmstead.  It is one of the best courses in the NMB area.  It is the sister course of Meadowlands and I believe there is some kind of discount if you play both.  Meadowlands was in great shape last October but it sits kind of low and can get pretty wet.  Also played Sandpiper Bay and conditions were good all around.  They have a lot of mature trees on the course and you can get some root problems in the rough.


One of the best experiences is Tidewater Golf Plantation.  The views are tremendous, design features are excellent, multiple tee offerings to provide more choices for your game, and conditions are usually top notch.  It's definitely a top 5 among the Grand Strand courses.