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So, living in Myrtle, is it a better deal to get the year long golf pass or the discount pass for The Witch/Wizard/Man O'War?


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The decision will depend on how much you play, where you like to play, 
how much variety you want, where you live, etc.   
If you live close to the Mystical courses and like them, you could do that
for 1 year, then get something different the next year.    
Some who don't play much might just play on locals rates. Some who play 
often and like variety, might have multiple discount cards, Passport,
Prime Times, Legends, etc.    Some of the memberships allow you to book 
with more lead time than 48 hours, which is useful during peak season at 
popular courses that can fill up as soon as 48 hours hits, since they are
already busy with package play in peak seasons.   

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I've done the Legends thing in differing residents plans over the years.  Just too crowded for me.  I re-up my Mystical golf (MOW, Wizard, Witch) every year because it's close and usually not busy in the afternoon.  I have looked into Passport and PrimeTime a few times but never purchased.  Several courses give you a discounted rate just for showing your local ID.  If you know someone who has an "in", they can get you great rates at Founders Group.

If you like to play the higher end courses, you will most likely need to go with PrimeTime I believe.