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We will be heading down for the winter months soon; wondering about cart usage at most courses now.  Are courses continuing to allow single use of golf carts?  Or, are courses now requiring two riders in carts?  I often play as a single and would like to be able to ride as a single.  Thanks for the responses.

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We have been back to 2 people per cart since June 15th. However if you are a single golfer, you can request to have a single cart. 

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When i play as a single, i am always glad to use a single cart. It is a lot better for your concentration and your score 😊 😉 

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I got paired with a 3some at MBN..  asked the bag guy for a single cart as I handed him $10.

He said "no problem sir"

The reason I did that is when I made the reservation over the phone, the guy that answered the phone said there is no guarantee of getting my own cart since it was a late morning tee time (double teeing)



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