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2 week trip  



Will be in MB in January for 2 weeks and working on the courses I want to play. Here is the preliminary list:

True Blue

Lockwood Folly

Pawly Plantation

Crow Creek


MBN West

The Pearl


River Club




The only 3 for sure courses are Lockwood and True Blue, as I played them in the World Am and didn't play so well and Pawly's Plantation as I enjoyed playing there.


What do you think?

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I don't know where in MB you are staying, but if you are near the center of town then Lockwood Folly would be quite a drive.  That course does not get many comments here so I am not aware of current playing conditions.

Most of the other courses listed are pretty good choices.



That's a wide variety of courses - I would check the over seed schedule. Cas in point - Kings North was in fabulous condition with awesome greens - then they over seeded and the greens were naturally awful. By now, they should be good and in a couple more weeks awesome again. Catch the OS at the wrong time and you'll be putting on greens that stimp 5 or 6 and bumpy!

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All are good choices for a wide variety.  
MBN West, SPB, CC, Inter are more forgiving, if you want to play them first.

Report back, since Jan is a slow month for reports.   



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I really like the kind of golf agenda that you're planing!

There is a lot a variety and you should enjoy, whatever the changes that you would like to do!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada


You should have a lot of fun to play these golf course. Hoping that you will have some warm days in January. 

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