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Indigo Creek


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Has anyone played Indigo Creek lately, or maybe I should ask if they are still in business?  Indigo was one of my World Am courses last August.  I had not played it in a while so I arranged a practice round on Friday before the tournament started on Monday.  When I arrived, there were 2 tables in the grill with a minimum of merchandise on them and a sign hanging from the ceiling that said "pro shop".  There was not enough play that morning for me to be paired up with anyone, so I played alone.  When I got to the first tee I was parked on a slight slope and the parking brake would not work at all.  I finally gave up and went back for another cart.  I hit my opening tee shot in the fairway and was slightly surprised when it stopped and disappeared.  The reason it disappeared was because the fairway grass was at least 2 inches tall...NOT exaggerating..!!!  Most of the bunkers were full of water and you could tell it was really OLD water.  I came up on some members after a few holes and they let me play through.  I asked them about the conditions and they said the reason for the long grass was that the club did not have any maintenance equipment.  My World Am round was on the following Tuesday and I wound up with an 8:08 tee time.  There was a really heaving morning dew.  When our 3-some hit our opening tee shots we had a hard time finding our ball because the fairways had been cut, BUT the 2 inch grass clippings that remained, plus the dew had completely covered our balls in grass.  Now guess what...we had to play the ball DOWN..!!  Talk about a bummer of a round.  I always remembered Indigo as a pretty nice course in the past.

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I haven't seen any reports on Indigo Creek in a long time. 
I haven't heard of it closing. 
Your report sounds like a closing course.      
IC had been going down hill for awhile.  But in 2018 they installed
new greens, which indicates they didn't plan to close.   
With the lack of vacation golfers in 2020, due to CV, the better courses 
are more available than ever to local golfers, so a theory would be that 
the lowest level of courses will suffer the most, when there are open
Passport tee times on better courses at about the same price.   
The IC design is decent.  Conditions have been the problem there.   




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I have never played IC and can't get anyone that lives here to go there with me.

Golf is just an excuse to drink whiskey and smoke cigars

That shows what they think at this time.

The forum outing played Indigo Creek about 8 years ago and it was OK then,
no complaints that day.

With Indian Wells closing, that should have helped Indigo Creek get locals
play, but not if in the condition Louie saw.

I'd join you. Let me know when you'd want to go.


Indigo Creek is off the radar for many golfers. Conditions were the main factor.

''It's just golf, let's have fun''


It is tucked away down there in Murrells Inlet/Garden City, but I always loved the routing of the course, I believe it's a family that owns and runs the operation but I could be wrong. I always called it "In ya go" Creek due to the water hazards that my ball always seemed to end up in, lol. But haven't played in a while, hope it stays in business as its a good track.

I agree that the course design is something. It is a Willard Bird design. I like the back nine with his large oaks.