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Big Cats or Sea Trail


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I'm looking at a golf trip in June and the Big Cats (Leopard's Chase, Tiger's Eye, Panther's Run and Lion's Paw) has a really good deal going on.  It was less than $200 to play all 4 courses.  One person I am talking with said the condition of the courses have really gone downhill over the last year.  What is everyone's opinion on this.  Sea Trail is also offering a similar package with free replays.  Which is the better deal?

If you are booking with Brian, he also has packages like Brunswick
Golf Trail + Myrtle Beach Golf Trail, where you can select a variety
of courses like; Crow Creek, Farmstead, Glen Dornoch, Rivers Edge,
Pearl, Thistle and more. This provides a nicer lineup for a little
more $ and you will see more of the area. It depends on your
criteria of lowest cost or more memorable.

I picked courses in the Big Cats, Sea Trail area, in case you are
staying in that area. The Big Cats courses are more memorable
than Sea Trail, but lately the conditions at Big Cats have not been
good. I don't think ST Maples has been so good either.

Big Cats are in bad shape....You will be disappointed.

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Stay away from the Big Cats

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Over the past few years, Sea Trail has been better conditioned than The Cats.  If I was in your shoes, I'd go with Sea Trail.


Another vote for Sea Trail over the Big Cats. 

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Do agree with all the comments already made so far!

So, go for Sea Trail!

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Such a Shame the Cat Courses have gone down hill,   I always thought leopards Chase was one the best layouts in the Area.  Just a great mix of holes.   your better to skip the cats and sea trail all together,  look at courses like farmstead, Meadowlands, River Hills, The Pearl, Sandpiper bay,  Brunswick  Plantation.   All in the same area and great Mid Tier pricing Courses.     if you want to Add any premium courses in the Area   look at   Thisle, Tidewater, Glen Dornoch


Played the Cats last fall (end of Sept beginning of Oct.).  The best of the Cat's was Tiger's Eye (played twice) Lion's Paw and Panther's Run brought up the rear.  We didn't play Leopard Chase due to conditioning.  The courses were a pleasant surprise given the previous reports.  All the Cats offered a lunch  and drink included in the package. 

Nothin Could be Finer !!!!!!

No lunch/drink included in 2021 packages.


Frankly, based on previous reports on this site and my own personal experience - I wouldn't go to either the Big Cat courses or Sea Trail.  There are many courses in NMB and Little River that are far better.  Get ahold of Brian Noblin and let him set you up.  


Can I pick neither?  Sea Trail was very average when I played it last, summer of 2020.  Big Cats/Ocean Ridge is heading in a really bad direction.  In the general area, you might want to look at the Thistle for consistently good conditions.  Not so far away are Meadowlands and Farmstead.  Meadowlands is a great value for the money.  I think they have a replay deal with Farmstead if you are so motivated.  

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Thanks for the responses everyone.  I booked a replay package at Rivers Edge, Crow Creek and The Pearl and also a round at Oyster Bay! Now just need to get ready for 7 rounds of golf in 4 days! 


You are better off with those Scott.

Let us know how the courses treated you. 


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