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Best last-minute booking site/tools?  



I realize that these forums are created and managed by an excellent Golf Trip Package agency; however, are there any tips or best strategies for booking a last minute round?

Many years back, Martins had a golf desk in the lobby that I had used for booking last minute tee-times. Does the PGA Tour Superstore still have this service, or has it all gone online?

Just looking for best-practices used by locals, and others that have been in the same boat.




Why not give a call directly to Brian (the manager of this forum platform) at the following phone number : 1 844 706-7503.

I'm quite sure he'll be happy to serve you properly... and even more!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada


Brian can book 48 hour rates.   
Some courses have good 48 hour rates, some don't and it may depend on how busy
they are that day. 
PGA Superstore still has tee time booking in the lobby.   

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I will not use anyone but Brian for booking golf.  He is the best.  


Use Brian - no more needs to be said. 

Golf is just an excuse to drink whiskey and smoke cigars


Of course, Brian is the man.