Forum Outing 2013 – Warm-up Day #2: The Tale of Two Courses

An early day.  Did I say that?  Did the alarm really go off at 4:50?  We have how far to drive?  On the road from Chesapeake at 5:30 am, it's pitch black as we make our way down towards Kitty Hawk and the Outer Banks. The first stop is the Currituck Club in Corolla, make a left at Kitty Hawk and head north.  The Currituck Club is a Rees Jones design that winds it's way [...]

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Forum Outing 2013 – Warm-up Round #1: Piedmont Golf Club

And so it begins, the Forum Outing 2013 (at least for Jeff and I).  We actually left last night after work, stopping around 2am in Gettysburg, PA around 2am.  With about 6 hours sleep and a Sausage and Egg McMuffin in our bellies, we got back on the road and headed to Haymarket, VA and the Piedmont Golf Club for our 11:30 tee time.  Highway 15 down to Haymarket was really busy with a bike [...]

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Hark, the 2013 Forum Outing Approaches

I can't believe that it's been almost 6 months since my last Blog posting.  It' been a crazy six months however, so here's a quick catch-up before I get to the good stuff! This was the summer I turned 50.  Not sure if my body was complaining about things, however I have never had so many aches and pains.  I've been suffering all summer with a left hip flexor issue that seems to have finally [...]

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First Round of the Year

A joke has been making the rounds here, and it seems really accurate for the state our spring has been in.  Here it is:  It's harsh!  I went for a run yesterday and I almost put my toque on.  I suffered through hail, sleet, rain and gusting, cold winds.  it has to stop soon!  We got an email from my club, the opening has been delayed until May 2nd.  I have some passes for the [...]

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Severe Withdrawal

Here it is the end of March 2013, and not a hope of playing golf without a 3+ hour drive each way.  This will be the first year in 10 that I have not played a round in my area in March.  Last year was fantastic, we were playing in mid-March as temperatures were in the high 20’s (that would be high 70’s for those south of Canada).  Today we are looking at a high [...]

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Scotland 2012 – Round 8: The New Course

Our last day for golf in Scotland, tomorrow we fly out.  We had a noon tee time booked on the Jubilee Course, however we were hoping to get queued up on the New Course and get out by 9am or so, that way we could get to Glasgow, get checked into the hotel and get the van returned so that tomorrow won’t be so crazy.  Trevor was great and got up early, fixing us big [...]

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Scotland 2012 – Round 7: Carnoustie … NOT!

We woke up to a steady drizzle that did not stop as we drove to Carnoustie (about an hour away).  As we got closer, the rain got worse, and even part of the A92 was flooded and we diverted through a small Scottish town that I did not catch the name of.  We arrived at Carnoustie to an almost empty parking lot, and we started to fear the worst as we looked at puddles of water [...]

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Scotland 2012 – Round 6: Muirfield

Driving on the motorways, all we can see are warnings that a bad rainstorm is headed our way.  After picture perfect weather, this may be our day to experience a little true Scottish links in all its glory!  With an early morning alarm (5:15) after a pretty late night out, we gathered up the sandwiches that Trevor had left for us, grabbed a quick bite of fruit salad and headed out on the road to [...]

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Scotland 2012 – Round 5: Kingsbarns

Since we couldn’t get onto the Old Course today, we booked a tee time at Kingsbarns ( based on Froggyson’s recommendation (once again).  It was fantastic, easily my favorite course so far in the rotation.  It is very close between Kingsbarns and Turnberry, however for some reason Kingsbarns just pleased my eye better, and the finishing holes are much stronger, especially 18 with the burn in front of it.  We elected to take a fore-caddie with [...]

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Scotland 2012 – Round 4: Royal Troon (Old Course)

We’ve finally arrived in St. Andrews after driving a couple of hours from Troon, just south of Glasgow.  We got checked in and immediately went walking down to the Old Course here in St. Andrews.  It is really magic.  The grass seems to be a different colour, the setting sun is shining on the R&A, everything is perfect.  Well almost perfect, we didn’t make the ballot, so we have to play Kingsbarns tomorrow instead and [...]

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