Here it is the end of March 2013, and not a hope of playing golf without a 3+ hour drive each way.  This will be the first year in 10 that I have not played a round in my area in March.  Last year was fantastic, we were playing in mid-March as temperatures were in the high 20’s (that would be high 70’s for those south of Canada).  Today we are looking at a high of 9* C (which is around 48* F), and I have over a foot of snow still in my backyard.  The local outdoor driving range has opened this weekend, however they are sending kids out to pick up the balls by hand.

Not that there is much time this long Easter weekend (although my priorities would have shifted if things were open), I have to work on Monday, and we have a series of playoff hockey games to attend as it seems that all of the kids have done extremely well this year (one nephew won his Competitive A league this past Wednesday, and we have two finals playing today at 11 and 12:30 for two others) and more games this coming week (at least we will be done to one person playing).

All that being said, it has not been a bad winter.  I used the snow blower more than I would have liked, and my current contract had me walking 10 minutes from where I parked into the office in sub-zero temperatures (OK, I hate winter, it’s horrendous).  The longer days are starting to make me forget.  With the advertisements for the Masters starting, it’s beginning to be a celebration of Spring, with BBQs, trips to the beach and happier.  i keep checking out the local Spring Openings calendar, and it gets better with each passing day.

I know that I will soon get my fix of walking the green fairways, losing balls in the water and woods, making great shots and making horrible shots.  It’s all part of the game that I love, one I hope to play more of this year.  I’ve got plans to try out for the Interclub team (which I made a couple of times in the past, but haven’t tried out for in a number of years), and play in more tournaments at my home club.  I turn 50 this year, and I hope to get in more rounds than my age for the first time in a few years.

Last year was a good year for golf as I look back, even if I didn’t play as much as I would have liked.  I made my first double-eagle, my Men’s night team won the league for the year (although we couldn’t keep that momentum going for the playoffs), and my year was capped off with a tremendous 10 days in Scotland.  Thanks again to Roger who started the ball rolling, however could not attend.  You were missed my friend, I hope to see you in October at the Beach!

So for those of you that are playing this weekend, I hope the weather is fantastic, and all your shots are perfect!  I will be joining you soon.