A joke has been making the rounds here, and it seems really accurate for the state our spring has been in.  Here it is: 

It’s harsh!  I went for a run yesterday and I almost put my toque on.  I suffered through hail, sleet, rain and gusting, cold winds.  it has to stop soon!  We got an email from my club, the opening has been delayed until May 2nd.  I have some passes for the practice facility close to my house that expire at the end of the month, and I don’t know if they will even be open by then.

And so we head south towards the St. Lawrence.  A club down there, the Prescott Golf Club, has been open for a few weeks.  It’s about an hour drive from my place, however anything is better than just sitting around.  While I am writing this, it is cold out, well below freezing at -5 Celsius (that’s 23* F), however it is sunny.  So out come the cold weather gear (mitts, toques, etc.), and off we go.  Tee time is 11am, so hopefully it will warm up by then.

So for as cold as it’s been this winter in Myrtle Beach, you could be somewhere else where we are not golfing!  So I hope that everyone gets out today and plays a round, feeling the plush grass beneath your feet as your stride down the fairway, pursuing that little white ball.