It’s always a sad day when it’s the last round of the Forum Outing.  Saturday the 26th was that day for me.  I was playing with a new foursome for me, Gary and Steve had been down before, however Bill was new to the Forum Outing.  All said and done it was an excellent day.  The group was lots of fun to play with, with some side bets always going on.  It also helps that this was my best round of the outing (with the exception of putting which sucked today).

The course was in excellent shape, and the greens rolling nicely.  I just couldn’t figure out which way the ball was going to roll.  I didn’t sink anything over 3 feet.  Steve didn’t seem to have that issue and was sinking putts from everywhere.  He was also sticking the ball close on the par 3’s including leaving himself a tap-in for birdie.  Bill could hit the ball a long way with his three-wood and hybrids.  I also give him best dressed for the outing (beating Yank handily).

I also want to commend the staff, especially the guys at the bag drop who helped us along, and got us out quickly on the replay.  And a special call-out to Brittney who kept us properly “hydrated” all day long.

Highlights of the day included Brian pounding the ball over mine and Gary’s heads into the bunker on one of the Par 4s.  Also Gary’s driving was interesting, especially on the icy bridges in the early morning.  I thought I was going swimming!  I also found it interesting as we had talked at dinner the night before (an excellent meal at Lombardo’s) about driving in crowded third-world cities!

After the round, Jeff and I started the trek back up North, planning to get to Winchester, VA.  We felt bad about missing the get together, however we needed to get back home by late afternoon on the Sunday, and after leaving last time after the party, it was way too hard to do it.

So until next year, stay warm this winter, and keep it in the short stuff when you play.