Myrtle Beach Golf Talk – Reboot 2019

//Myrtle Beach Golf Talk – Reboot 2019

Welcome to the new Myrtle Beach Golf Talk Forum

As you may have noticed, things have changed. Or this might be your first visit and if so, then welcome.

It was not an easy decision to restart the site. We did this a number of years ago when the GEA forums were going away and Brian wanted more control on how things functioned and more protected if big changes were coming. So about 9 years ago, we built We leveraged a web content management system called Dotnetnuke which suited our needs and allowed us to build a site that delivered good content. However, over time some of the components that we used stopped being supported by the developers, including the forum that we were using. Because some of the components were not being supported, it became harder and harder to upgrade the system to newer versions until it became impossible to do so without major changes to the site, and if we were going to spend time and effort to do that, then we may as well do it right.

So with that, here we are with the new site. We are hoping that it is simpler to use, more secure (we can do some advanced blocking of hacking attempts in the backend), more relevant (we can set some advanced antispam in the backend to keep that out of the forums) and the forum software is much more flexible than what we had before. Unlike the move from the GEA forums, we have not lost the old content. While we are unable to import the data into this site, the old forum is available in read-only format at

So get yourself registered (tutorials are coming) and let’s get the conversation started.

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Colby has been looking after the technical details of the Myrtle Beach Golf Talk website since early 2009. Before that, he helped to moderate the forum when it was on GEA. Colby works in the IT industry and this gives him a chance to try out new things. A golfer, scuba diver and cyclist, Colby likes to be outside and enjoys a good concert upon occasion.

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