Myrtle Beach Q&A Forums – A New Type of Forum

Introducing Questions and Answers The new forum software we are using has two different formats available.  The first one is what users of MBGT have been using for years.  It allows a user to create a post and others reply.  You can add a Poll, attachments, etc.  Game on, same as usual.  The second type is a little different. Similar to Stack Exchange (you can look up the history of this here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stack_Exchange), the new [...]

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Myrtle Beach Golf Talk – Reboot 2019

Welcome to the new Myrtle Beach Golf Talk Forum As you may have noticed, things have changed. Or this might be your first visit and if so, then welcome. It was not an easy decision to restart the site. We did this a number of years ago when the GEA forums were going away and Brian wanted more control on how things functioned and more protected if big changes were coming. So about 9 years [...]

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Hark, the 2013 Forum Outing Approaches

I can't believe that it's been almost 6 months since my last Blog posting.  It' been a crazy six months however, so here's a quick catch-up before I get to the good stuff! This was the summer I turned 50.  Not sure if my body was complaining about things, however I have never had so many aches and pains.  I've been suffering all summer with a left hip flexor issue that seems to have finally [...]

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Severe Withdrawal

Here it is the end of March 2013, and not a hope of playing golf without a 3+ hour drive each way.  This will be the first year in 10 that I have not played a round in my area in March.  Last year was fantastic, we were playing in mid-March as temperatures were in the high 20’s (that would be high 70’s for those south of Canada).  Today we are looking at a high [...]

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The End is Near!

OK.  It's October 31st.  I realize this is Canada and all, but snow on the ground!  That's a bit of a harsh end to the golf season.  My club was supposed to be open until the 7th of November (I know that's only one more week, but I could have played a couple more times...) The Ironman tournament yesterday was hard, with most pins set at the top of ridges (for those at the forum [...]

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Made It!

We left Ottawa around 4am, driving the 81 down to the 66, the 17 to the 95 and then into Myrtle arriving just after 11pm.  We stopped for lunch at Wendy's somewhere in southern Pennsylvania and for dinner late in Lumberton, taking advantage of the $9.99 prime rib at the Texas Roadhouse.  The truck drove really well, and the only bad weather we hit was some rain around Syracuse.  It was great listening to the [...]

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Two More Sleeps

OK.  My last post had me complaining about the cold weather here at home.  For the next few days I was scrapping my windows and yesterday the wind was so cold when we teed off at 9:53, I was wearing my winter gloves!!!  Enough of that , looking at the weather report for Myrtle Beach (you can always check this on the home page), the weather looks fantastic for the Forum Outing: (Picture no longer [...]

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Starting Out

Blogs are a big thing now.  I'm not looking to be big, I just want a place where I can talk about a few things that come into my head.  They will usually be about golf, however once in a while something will pop up that I may want to share. The first thing that I will be blogging about is the Forum Outing for 2010.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and [...]

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