An early day.  Did I say that?  Did the alarm really go off at 4:50?  We have how far to drive?  On the road from Chesapeake at 5:30 am, it’s pitch black as we make our way down towards Kitty Hawk and the Outer Banks.

The first stop is the Currituck Club in Corolla, make a left at Kitty Hawk and head north.  The Currituck Club is a Rees Jones design that winds it’s way between the houses and along the Sound. We are in time for our 8:21 tee time, and the first hole looks great.  The wind is blowing hard (that will be a theme for the day it seems), and we are off.  Great GPS units on the carts, both Jeff and I start off with pars on the opening Par 5.  The greens were quick and in great shape.  In fact I start of nicely with a bogie on the tough Par 3 #2 and a birdie three on #4 to sit at even through four.  That is the last of the good it would seem.

#5 turns back into the wind and it’s howling.  After my birdie on #4, I have the tee and I hit what looks like a good shot over the water towards the fairway.  Jeff and I then watch it balloon up into the wind, take a 90 degree turn right and start to come backwards, ending up in the water.  Jeff sees this and aims way left, hitting a low ball to the left side of the fairway, still short.  I tee up another and thinking about the last result, screwed up and pulled it left into the crap never to be seen again.  Hole over, ESC 7 on the card.  I collect my wits (sort of) and bogie the next two holes.  Then comes #9, a short par 4 uphill, dead into the wind.  Tee shot safe, oops, ballooning second shot right into the long stuff, ball #3 gone.  Shot #4 to below the green, 5 onto the green from a side hill lie and well below the putting surface.  Two putt for an honest 7 to shoot 44 on the front.  With two triples, I will take that.

The back nine started out bad.  #10 was also in the wind, and I lose the second ball to the right and it’s lost.  Another triple, followed by a double on a par 3 into the wind.  Six bogies followed and then finally on 18 I get my first par of the back nine.  11 over.  19 over in total for a 91.  No time to sulk, we were off to Nags Head and had about an hour to get there before our afternoon tee time.

Nags Head Golf Links was very different from Currituck.  Where Currituck was pristine with pure white sand and finely manicured fairways, Nags Head was much more natural.  The fairways weren’t quite as pristine, and the tee boxes were a bit rougher, but one thing was the same, the greens were very good.  And they were small, and the course was tight.  There were a few quirky holes that we had to go look at to see what they did (like #9), however it was a fun track to play and I would definitely go back.  The staff and members we met were excellent, warm and talkative.  The staff at Currituck were OK (the Starter was excellent), however the ones at Nags Head were just friendlier it seemed.

Nags Head is all about club and shot choice.  There were risk/reward holes that you had to make just the right shot on.  And the water holes were fantastic!  My round started much better here, +1 after six, however doubles at #7 and #9 hurt me and I closed out the front in 42.  The back, once again, I did not fair well.  And this was my short game’s issue.  No pars until #17 and #18, I had two more triples on #11 and #12.  Coming in with a 46, I finished the round with an 88, and the knowledge of opportunities missed.  Now that I have played the course, I will be ready for next time.

We jumped into the car and headed for Myrtle Beach.  A quick bite to eat just outside Greenville, NC, we pulled into the Caravelle about 10:45pm.  It had been a long day.