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Barefoot & MB in the Fall


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So we're back on the books for a 4 day stay and play at Barefoot (booked with Brian of course!) after having to cancel this past spring due to Covid-19. Quick kudos to Brian on our cancellation... he was first class during the whole process and had our refunds back quickly. I've heard that other people that booked their trips through other packagers weren't quite as lucky. Most of the old pros on here know how good his service is but I just wanted to add my two cents for anyone new reading this post. 

We're scheduled for November 11th- 15th and one bonus we got besides a great rate is that we're also staying Wednesday night before we start on the Norman Course Thursday. My first question is what would be a good course to play on our way in Wednesday? I've always wanted to check out the Witch or Wizard courses, but you guys know more about the local golf than me. We'll be coming from Augusta and usually drive in on SC-22 but can change our route further south if it's worth it to play in a different area. Second question is how's the weather usually in the middle of November? I know the sun sets around 5:00 PM so we'll get an early start that day.

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Are you getting away from Augusta during The Masters 11/11-15 or 
going to a Masters practice round?    
A good video of The Witch was recently posted, so see if you like the look.  
The Wizard is a lot more forgiving, if that is your criteria. 
Unless you find a better approach route from the South, SC-22 to Hwy 31
South, exiting at 501 should be better than 22 to 501.  22 to 31 will be  
extra miles, but light traffic at highway speeds.  501 could be stop and go traffic. 
Near the 31 exit onto 501 is The Wizard and The Witch isn't far from there.  
Another option, especially if worried about arrival day daylight, is Shaft Glen,
located off of Rt 22 on 905.   
Nov is still good golf weather.  You can look up the average temps.  You need to 
bring clothes for cold and warm weather.  If you plan to play 36 holes and tee off 
at 700am, it could be 50° then, even it will warm to 65-70° later.    
When DST ends, some courses will tee off earlier, since sunrise is earlier.   


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If you haven't played Shaftesbury Glen yet, I'd go there....just off 22 on the way into town. Conditions are usually very good there, but I've never played there in the fall. I think they might be getting new greens this summer??

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Shaft Glen got new greens last summer.

Grande Dunes MEMBERS gets new greens this summer.

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Thanks for the video on the Witch Art... and all the info! We’ve looked at Shaftesbury before too. And yes I’m signed up for the practice rounds and actual tourney tickets that week but us locals hardly ever get them anymore, which makes sense. They’ve really gotten the word out on buying tickets in the last 10 years so a lot more people are trying to buy them. And if I’m the big guys at Augusta National and the metro area then I’d much rather someone get the tickets that will fly in and bring big $ to the local economy instead of giving them to Chuck, who’ll just grab dinner on the way home! Luckily I’ve been a few times with my recently late Dad, who was a long time golfer & marshaled at one of the big courses here, and it’s a magical experience.

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Hi Chuck.

The wizzard is an Okay course, but if the choice is Wizz or Witch, The Witch is an easy choice (for me). It is a course like no other...and worth playing even if it is not in good condition. I don't hear many bad condition reports about Witch other than they have the old bermuda greens. I thought the greens were very good both times I've played it. Once in spring, once in fall.


Enjoy your trip.



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The Witch or Shaftesbury Glen are both great options!

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1) Witch

2) Shaftsbury but not close

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legends, wild wing or Arrowhead would be good on way in


I would also vote for The Witch.  I like the routing of the course.