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[Solved] Which courses for a week's trip in Oct. 2019?  



Been to Myrtle 4 times but it's been years since I've been.

I turn 60 in November, so my wife has given me a week's trip.

Here's the proposed itinerary (accommodations at Barefoot Yacht Club):

Any changes you would make?

Day 1: TPC AM then Wachesaw East 

Day 2 Caledonia then True Blue

Day 3 MBN West then KN (seeking a little bit of value with MBN West)

Day 4 Barefoot Fazio, replay somewhere at Barefoot 

Day 5 Tidewater then the Dunes

Day 6 Grande Dunes, replay somewhere

Day 7 Arrowhead 


Separate gripe:   My group of 9 has 4 or 5 guys that always have "suggestions" or "what abouts" on the destination, courses, budget etc.   Drives me crazy.  

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Great courses - and a lot of golf! A couple days of driving some distance. You'll need to get yourself in golf condition!

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That is a great plan.  Wach East is your weakest.  The Willbrook idea is good or 
stop at Prestwick on your way back.  Blackmoor is also a close to TPC option.   

When booking 2 rounds a day, I recommend at least 6 hours between tee times, since 
you never know when it will be a 5 hour round.   Also look what time sunset is, if in Nov. 
Since you have guys with suggestions, verify if they will pay for all that golf and if some 
only want to play 18 holes some days.   You could also only book 1 round some days and 
plan on a replay rate for those who want to replay 0, 9 or 18.  

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Wouldn't change a thing. Excellent course selection and groupings each day.


Great line-up!  They only change I would think about is swapping out Wachesaw East for Willbrook or Tradition.  It's been awhile since I've played Wachesaw but I remember there was a lot of housing and conditions were so-so.  It's a challenging layout though.       


My suggestion would bring plenty of band aids for the blisters you will get on your hands, and plenty of aspirin for the back pain.


That's a lot of golf right that.


"King Of The Mid-tiers"


Great selection of courses for sure, while agreeing totally with those of suggested you to switch Wachesaw East for Willbrook instead.

And as a second course to go with Grande Dunes, maybe World Tour or Pine Lakes (both are really close to GD) could be a good fit!

One thing is for sure : it will be a hell of a way to celebrate your 60th birthday and a pretty well deserved one!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada


Yes. Keep this line-up. Very good one.

Golf is a game. We play it. Somewhere along the way we took the fun out of it and charged a premium to be punished.- - Ron Sirak


I agree with the other poster and Supergilbys with the suggestions but if you choose not to change that would be a bad thing either. 


Great lineup and look forward to your trip report!

Let the Big Dawg Bite!!!


Very nice selection of courses, on your Grande Dunes day I would say take a look at Arcadian Shores, good conditions this past winter.   Also agree with many Wach East is your weakest course and conditions can be spotty there.  Willbrook is a bit of a drive, not crazy though, tradition and River Club are also in that area.


I'm going to be a contrarian - I like Wach East - not as easy as Tradition or Willbrook but it has some great holes. One other thing - as a youngster (60) you should have no problem playing 36 a day!

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Nice list of courses. Good way to spend your birthday. Like Undercover Golf Pro I like Wach East. On the Grande Dunes day, I would suggest World Tour or Arcadian Shores. Can't go wrong with any of the suggestions. Get Brian involved and he can help you with finding the course best suited for you and your group.


Have fun !

Golf is a game. We play it. Somewhere along the way we took the fun out of it and charged a premium to be punished.- - Ron Sirak


Instead of waiting for November - you should come out to MB this summer and scout the courses - think of it as a second birthday gift!

Golf is just an excuse to drink whiskey and smoke cigars