Blogs are a big thing now.  I’m not looking to be big, I just want a place where I can talk about a few things that come into my head.  They will usually be about golf, however once in a while something will pop up that I may want to share.

The first thing that I will be blogging about is the Forum Outing for 2010.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and playing some golf in weather I don’t need to think about wearing my winter gloves in (it was 6*C yesterday here, which is about 42*F, when we teed off).  The plan is to leave Tuesday the 19th and drive straight through, getting in Tuesday night and being nice and refreshed for the pre-Forum outing at Barefoot Dye, where a highly anticipated game of Wolf with Bob is to be played.  We played Wolf at Glen Dornach a few years back and thanks to strategic Lone Wolf calls by myself, Bob is looking for revenge!

So for those who will be attending the Forum Outing at some point, looking forward to seeing you!  For those that are living vicariously through us, I hope you enjoy my take on the festivities.

Hit them straight!