OK.  My last post had me complaining about the cold weather here at home.  For the next few days I was scrapping my windows and yesterday the wind was so cold when we teed off at 9:53, I was wearing my winter gloves!!!  Enough of that , looking at the weather report for Myrtle Beach (you can always check this on the home page), the weather looks fantastic for the Forum Outing:

(Picture no longer available – But you can imagine it was great!)

I’ll be breaking out the shorts for maybe the last time in 2010!

Our plan is to leave really early on the Tuesday and drive straight through (16 hours).  (I still have to talk to Brian about the Tuesday night)  That gives us a decent nights sleep and get to Barefoot to enjoy the round.  I played the Dye Club in March when I was down, however I am really looking forward to playing it when the course is nice and green to offset the bunkers.  I practiced my bunker play lots yesterday as I stumbled my way to a smooth 88 (thanks to a couple of birdies).

Eagle Creek is a tough course (the Canadian Tour championship used to be played there) where if you do not get off the tee cleanly, your score jumps.  Also, there was some club event happening or the greens keeper was in a bad mood because the greens were quick and the pins were nasty, placed on lots of ridges and/or just off the front and/or back corners.  It was a great day with good company though.

Other stuff, oh yeah, I have to get back to that.   I promised to complete a document for work before I leave…

See you all soon!  Two more sleeps…