OK.  It’s October 31st.  I realize this is Canada and all, but snow on the ground!  That’s a bit of a harsh end to the golf season.  My club was supposed to be open until the 7th of November (I know that’s only one more week, but I could have played a couple more times…)

The Ironman tournament yesterday was hard, with most pins set at the top of ridges (for those at the forum outing this year, remember the pin on #12 at Pearl West), the greens have not recovered from the large tine aeration a few weeks back and had large holes with sand in them, so putts went anywhere!  We also played from the gold tees in wind and a steady drizzle.  In fact 13, 14 and 15 played incredibly difficult, starting with a 575 yard par 5 in the wind, a 463 yard par 4 (partially downwind) and a 231 yard par 3 into the wind (we all hit driver and never made the green)  I was not unhappy with my 96 (3 triples and only one lost ball)  I managed to sink a few long putts, but by the time we got to the end of the back nine, I was starting to lose feeling in my fingers (I was wearing my gloves all round) and my chipping deteriorated somewhat.  Still it was a fun day and everyone seemed to have a good time.  It’s still hard to believe I was playing Arrowhead 7 days before in the warm sunshine.

And so it begins.  A long 5 months of pining for green grass and warm sunshine (I’m being a bit dramatic here, I’m sure that this white crap will melt soon and some course, somewhere close will be open).  My only hope is that next spring I won’t be handed a project that causes me to fly every week and limits my access to playing some golf.  My game suffered this year with only 40 rounds posted (including 5 last week in Myrtle Beach at the outing), however my handicap hovered around the same all year, just over 10.

For those of you still playing in Myrtle Beach, or will be travelling to Myrtle Beach for some golf, I will live vicariously through your trip reports and look forward to when I can finally tee the ball up again without jacket, gloves and long pants!