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[Closed] How to Use the Q&A Forums - Please Read Before Posting


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With the change to the new forum software, we have an opportunity to have a different type of forum.  I have documented this in a blog post here - .  The posts in the Q&A forums are a little bit different than what we have used in the past.  These posts are meant to:

  1. Be short lived - What I mean by that is that the value of the discussion has a limited useful life.  Questions like "How are the conditions at River's Edge" really only are valuable for a week or so, maybe two.  However, a discussion like "What do you think of the historical greens issue at SuchinSuch Course" is much more valuable as a long term discussion.  The first question is perfect for the Q&A forum, the other for the Talk/Advice forum
  2. Show the best answer at the top - As people knowledgeable about the question that was asked respond with answers, people use the arrows on the left side to Up-vote or Down-vote the answer.  What this does is push the best or more-relevant answers to the top as they will have the best reputation.  Also, user's who have highly rated answers will improve in personal reputation within the forum.

And there are two different types of responses:

  1. Answers - These are direct answers to the question being asked.  Like "What is the temperature of the ocean in March?  Can the family go swimming?" and a person answers with "65 degrees and only with a wet suit"
  2. Comments - These are not answers, they are comments on either the answers or the question.  In the example above, someone may want to add a comment to the answer like "Also beware that the air temperature is about 70 degrees which would make getting out of the water very cold"

Hopefully that helps to clarify things.  We will keep an eye on things and move them to the appropriate forum as we see fit.  As always, any feedback is appreciated.