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Local Scoop - Pawle...

Local Scoop - Pawleys Plantation (07/11/2019)  


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07/12/2019 6:18 pm  

Played Pawleys Plantation on Thursday. Tees, fairways and bunkers were in very good shape. Turf quality on the greens was very good, and they held well struck shots ... even my 4-iron on the 17th hole which traditionally is very difficult to stay on the green. However the greens putted slow and grainy like the old Heather Glen & Myrtlewood greens. Range was in great shape with good turf and new balls. I enjoyed the layout a lot and would return again but would like to see the greens verti-cut and shaved a notch lower.

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07/12/2019 6:22 pm  

Thanks Bob!

Just played PP twice (the most recent one was last April) and really did enjoy!

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07/12/2019 7:52 pm  

Some very interesting and tough holes at PP - and unlike the other guys I played with, I enjoyed the stupid very short par 3 but not 17 - I've only played it twice - don't play the south courses very often 

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07/12/2019 8:35 pm  

Always enjoy a game at Pawley's, good holes and good staff there.  Thanks for your report.

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07/12/2019 9:07 pm  

Pawleys has bybrid greens, so they don't have to be slow.   Hopefully it's a temp 
maint reason. 


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07/13/2019 6:03 am  

I played Pawleys Plantation many years ago. The layout is interesting. I will try to replay there next winter.

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07/13/2019 6:12 am  

Thanks Bob,

Still on my bucket list.

Gotta get there.



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07/15/2019 11:38 am  

Thanks for the report. Enjoy the layout.