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River Club or Blackmoor


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Hello guys, any advice on choosing one over the other? Thanks!

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I would choose River Club. Blackmoor has a dogleg on most holes and you don't get a chance to hit the driver often



I'm more a fan of Blackmoor, but Wolfpackman is spot on about the doglegs.


@Kozy : I would personnally opt for River Club! A little bit more variety compared to Blackmoor, wich is a course I do like! 😉

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada


I prefer River Club.  Although it doesn't have a range, it feels more 
upscale, will more often have good greens and more interesting holes.      

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I also prefer River Club - which is ironic, since I shot my worst score on a hole ever on #1 one year.... first swings of the year coming down in early May from Canada, and I took about a 12 on #1 - 2 balls in the water, an extra whack or 2 from the greenside bunker and a 3 putt. 

Despite my hatred for that hole now, overall I find it to be the better track out of the 2 


I'd play both!

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Both are good.  Blackmoor is quirky in spots but in a good way.  River Club has a lot of water and plenty of OB.  River Club is probably nicer.  I played Blackmoor with Leftygar earlier this month and it was in good shape.