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Texas Hackers 2019

Texas Hackers 2019  


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17/06/2019 12:59 am  

First of I want to thank Brian for this site. We all gain a incite on the courses and their conditions. This year we had 12 player 6 were first time to come to Myrtle Beach. Ten of us play at our local course the Hideout Resort in Brownwood, Texas. One is from the Trophy Club north Ft. Worth and one is from Kansas City. I left on Tuesday June 4 I drive and carry 5 players luggage and clubs . Three brothers also drove carrying the rest of the clubs and luggage. It is 1300 mile to MB Tuesday night is stayed in Covington Ga. 

I arrived Wednesday afternoon to Gregg the under cover pro house. He and his wife were kind enough to let me stay at their home for 3 night. I can't thank them enough or the great time I spent with them. 

June 5th Thursday UCP and I played at Arcadia Shores It was my first time there really enjoyed the course. The course was in good shape from fairways to tee areas. The greens were healing well from airification and roll fine I would say speed  medium. It was great to play with UCP e is a player we were parred with 2 guys one local both named Jim. I shot 75 not bad for first time playing it. I would play it again without a second thought.

Thursday afternoon we went to National West course played with Steve from KN Mike and 2 others their name have slipped my mind what little I have left. The course was not in the best shape fairways were thin and tee areas were also. The green were ok  a bit slow. Most of all the ponds were very low the sure needed some rain which they got that week. I was treated to some great golf this day Steve shot 68 he is quit the bunker player and putter that day. UCP played one of the best back nines I have seen in a long time. He shot 69 but the back nine he went 3 birdies in a row the a par then 3 more birdie par bogey par for 31 on the back. I told them I felt like I had been run over by a train I shot 73 2 over 1 under.This was another course I had not played before. What a great day and great guys to play with could not have been any nice to me. 

Friday June 6th we are at Long Bay playing Steve ant Al New course for me again. Nice course it was in good shape fairway's and green were fine no issues for me. Watched Steve and UCP make several long birdie putts. Steve played another good round I was playing good shot 73 again. UCP has posted his feedback on this course. I have a new set of Ben Hogan Ft Worth black irons and wedges. To my surprise Al was using a Hogan bag the next day I got a call he had left the bag at Legends for me to have. So Thank you Al.

Friday afternoon UCP and I went to play Diamondback and it was in very good shape. Another first time course for me Ran into a lite rain but not enough to stop play. I would play this course again but it is a way from MB proper. I birdied the last hole for 73. This was the last night to stay with Gregg and his wife. One of my guys was flying in Saturday at noon so no golf this day.

Sunday June 9 the rest of the guys flew in so trying to get set for the week. We were staying at the Legends we could not get in the condo until 230. So not much happen this day. Went to the shoe store bought me 2 new pair of shoes. Took the guys to the PGA store just to mess around. Did rain over night so next day it was plenty wet.

Monday June 10 playing at the Legends. After having breakfast of to the  first round was Heathland course was in good shape fairways were wet. it was CPO which made for a lot of walking. when we got to 16 it rained for about 10 to 15 minutes then we finished. After a quick lunch we were out to Moorland my least favorite course too many greens pushed up. The course was in good shape but it was plenty wet after the rain. But we did get the round in I shot 74 at Heathland and 78 at Moorland. It was a long day with plenty of walking. I played the White tees on most courses. Some on the young guys played the next setback. 

June 11 my birthday and UCP birthday also we are the same age 39 and holding! LOL Today another day of walking Playing at Caledonia this course was in super super shape. The guys really loved this course other than CPO it was a treat to play here. Only issue  with Cal is if you play early no driving range but I understand. Shot 74 here after the round we are off to Heritage one of my favorite courses. Again CPO they said they had 10 in of rain that week.The greens were nearly filled in after the aerification. This course has some very good holes 13,14,15.  This course is one you need to be able to place your tee ball which I did very well this week. Shot 74.

June 12 on 18 holes today at Arrowhead this course was in very good shape tees fairways and greens maybe the best all week. and no CPO nice to ride the fairways. We played the Lakes and Waterway course. Did not play as well today putter was off no fault of the greens shot 77. Took the guys to the Boardwalk and ate at Senior Frog had a good time.

June 13 Thursday was at Kings North Again CPO course was not in as good of shape as I have found it in the past. Green were very slow fairways thin and wet. I failed to mention the bunkers were bad everywhere except Arrowhead and Tidewater. The staff was trying there best to work on the courses the best they could with all the rain they had. Not a good round for me worst round of the week shot 80. last year shot 72 so I am blame it on the wet grounds ya'll buy that. LOL 

Back to the Legends to play Parkland after a quick lunch with the guys sure liked with drinks. UCP joins us on last time I fell like I have meet a friend for life. Course was good shape much better than last year. Seemed the greens were faster than the other courses on property. But you guessed it CPO one more time. As wet as it was we did get all of our rounds in. Shot 78 putter failed again. I have a new putter my wife bought me for my birthday it is the new Ben Hogan Putter. I do like it.

June 14 Last day to play so off to Tidewater great day sun shining riding the fairways. This course has some really tuff holes but I love it. Course was in great shape no issues anywhere. I had two bad swing and cost me a 79 had a triple and double but that is golf. Now back to the condo to pack up for a early depart. It is 21 hour drive home. I drove straight thur only stopped for gas and grab a quick snack. We I got home I had drove 3070 miles to end a great trip. 

This was my 16th trip to Golf Heaven i have now played 43 course some have closed now. Well that all I got for now so till next time keep those reports coming.

Brownwood Bandit AKA Coach


Brownwood Bandit

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17/06/2019 4:18 am  

Great report Coach.

Very good reading material.

That's a lot of golf. And a lot of good courses. A lot of CPO.


Its always nice to play new courses, even if they are mid tier or low tier.

No one would ever expect a Diamondback type of course to be in very good shape and enjoyable to play.

But I find many low/mid tires enjoyable... aka Beachwood/ Burning Ridge/ Lions Paw / Crown Park.

What restaurants did your group enjoy the most.

Mighty kind of Mr and Mrs Undercover to set you up.

Looks ,indeed, like you have a new friend.

Congratulations on another successful MB golf trip and safe traveling.

I'd like to hook up with you again one of these years.

But you and UGP both gotta give up at least 2 a side. Those are some low numbers you were carding.

Nice shootin Tex.




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"King Of The Mid-tiers"

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17/06/2019 12:46 pm  

Thanks for the detailed report!!!

Let the Big Dawg Bite!!!

Trusted Member
Joined: 8 months ago
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17/06/2019 1:00 pm  

Great report  Coach, & some good scoring too. 

I fully expect both you & UGP to shoot your ages this year...he almost did it when he played with us. He makes the game look too damn easy!

Honorable Member
Joined: 9 months ago
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17/06/2019 1:49 pm  

Great report and great playing!  


*** Please Show Your Appreciation For MB Advice/Info In MBGT With Your Course or Trip Report! ***

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Joined: 8 months ago
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17/06/2019 2:12 pm  

Thanks, solid report! 

Reputable Member
Joined: 8 months ago
Posts: 302
18/06/2019 1:14 pm  

What a pleasure to read such a great trip report Coach!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such great stuff!

Hope the way back home wasn't too tough!

Take care!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

Reputable Member
Joined: 8 months ago
Posts: 471
18/06/2019 4:28 pm  

Very interesting report. Very impressive play also! I can not play so well, even in my dreams. UGP has a solid game too. His backswing and downswing are very fast. Do not turn your head because you will not see his ball starting for the green.

Thanks for your excellent report!

Estimable Member
Joined: 8 months ago
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24/06/2019 3:29 pm  

Thanks for the report and as other have said good shooting.

Reputable Member
Joined: 8 months ago
Posts: 367
07/07/2019 2:08 pm  

Thanks for your report.

Reputable Member
Joined: 8 months ago
Posts: 471
11/07/2019 7:20 pm  

Thanks for sharing.