Chicagohack 6-13-6/...

Chicagohack 6-13-6/17  


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06/21/2019 8:43 pm  

Our 20-somethingth trip to the Mecca of golf and our group has ranged from 4 to 20 in the past...this year we were stuck at 7, and stayed at Myrtlewood as usual. We like the central location since we play courses north and south during our stay.

As far as accomodations go, Myrtlewood is really going downhill. This year it was washing machines that didnt work and no water pressure at all in the sinks and showers. We may need to find something else next year that is close to Broadway at the Beach. any suggestions?

For the golf, we played 8 rounds over the 5 days. We fly into Raleigh since the non stops to Chicago waste too much of the day with the times available and because we really like Mike Strantz and...


Tot Hill Farm- course in good shape compared to last year though it was CPO due to the rain. Holes 1-16 are just incredible golf holes, well worth the drive. Due to aeration, we missed my favorite courses Rivers Edge and True Blue. Instead on the way into town, our 2nd course of the day was...

Diamondback- located way out on Rt 9, it had been at least ten years since last playing this track and I forgot how really good it is. Diamondback tempts you on many holes and makes you hit all clubs in your bag and also was in great shape tee to green. One of our guys is a +3 handicap and watching him hit 3 woods from 284 out laser like to the green was a thing of beauty.(I think even the longdriver would be jealous of this guy :))

Friday AM- Tidewater-(also, from this point on, the weather had  never been better in the 20+ years of coming to the beach...highs around 80, sunny and little wind) Tidewater is a tough track from the 6700 tees but was great from tee to green. Greens were mid-speed but consistent

PM- Glen Dornoch- I was a little suspect after reading repoirts of the worm issues on their greens but I can honestly say they were some of the fastest Ive seen Glen donoch ever roll at and most were in decent shape as were fairways and tees. You can call 48 hours in advance and play for $55 right now as summer is usually empty at this awesome track. 16-18 still best on the beach IMO.

SAT- Kings North- On the flipside KN was packed with two tournaments and a 5 hour round awaited us because of that. Kings North also lacks good turf so you have to be a good ball striker. Greens rolled true and were in very good shape and the layout is really interesting as well

SUN AM- Founders Club- Another track we havent played in a long time but one I wish we'd play more often. A great deal and in great shape from tee to green. Finally found my swing on Fathers day too, nearly acing the third hole.

SUN PM- Caledonia- Much better turf here to hit off of and should be for the price charged. Great layout , though the traps were disasters and should have been raked by maintenance as they were ravaged by rain earlier in the week but three days should have been enough time to fix the traps. 

Mon AM- PRESTWICK- I had much better memories of this track than it actually was as the front 9 is pretty boring but back 9 gives some interesting options to greens. Good water par 3s on this course too. Course overall in good shapoe and greens were really quick here.

Food was usual Mellow Mushroom for Pizza, and Yamato for credit card roulette at Broadway. Malibus was disappointing this year as its turned into OZ part 2 instead of its usual mix of pop music from the past 30 years and theyre turning the karaoke bar on the corner into a Bar Louie. It'll be interesting to see if that plays in that stretch of Broadway. We have plenty of Bar Louies up here and they dont fit that mold next to the piano bar and clubs across the way. We didnt really see a lot of crazy things this year in the few nights we went out. There was plenty of talk of heading to Masters, but no one ventured there(that I know of) Didnt see any other strip clubs open either....are they all gone?

The highway extension of 31 still NOT open yet...this last stretch going towards Georgetown seems to be taking forever to open ...hopefully by next year it will be. 

As always, it was over before we knew it and the countdown has started to 2020.


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06/21/2019 9:53 pm  

BF Yacht Club gets good reviews for condos. 

Sounds good about Glen Dornoch greens. 
Good to read a good report on Founders Pawleys conditions. 
TDH is still option.  

I have not heard any completion date for Rt 31 south extension. 

Thanks for reporting!

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06/22/2019 1:56 pm  

Thanks for your report, sure agree with you that Founders Club and Diamondback are better then they once were.

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06/22/2019 4:03 pm  

I was told that 31 has some concrete crumbling issues on the new bridge extension - supposed to open up later this year. I am one of the few that really likes Founders - if it was closer I'd play it more often.

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06/23/2019 8:57 am  

Thanks for the report. A few years back the county shut down all strip clubs leaving only those in Myrtle and Atlantic Beach city limits open. As Art mentioned TDH is open but they seem to be trying to price themselves closed. Treasure Club is open in the area you stay. 

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06/23/2019 5:18 pm  

Thanks for your report on some nice course. Agree about Diamondback played it this year for the first time and it was in very good shape.

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06/24/2019 1:03 am  

Great report. 

Thanks ChiHack.

Brian put a group up at Tilman Resort  Condos In NMB and they said it was great.




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06/24/2019 6:42 am  

From tee to green your trip report was a very interesting one. Thanks for these updates on very good golf courses. 

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06/24/2019 2:38 pm  

Thanks for your report, great detail. As for founders, i enjoyed the course and layout never understood why it was always dead. when i played it i went around in 3 hour 20 mins as a threesome. 

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06/24/2019 3:18 pm  

Thanks for the report. Good to hear about Glen Dornach and Founders Club conditions. Good lineup

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06/25/2019 1:12 pm  

An excellent trip report, thank you very much!

Haven't played Diamond Back yet, but from what you wrote, I should put that course on my bucket list.

As for Founders Club, it is a great golf option. I do specially love the back nine!

Finally, better luck for lodging for 2020!

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