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Restaurant of the Week: Aroma's on 707, Murrells Inlet

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The Mrs. was on call for work this weekend, so no dining out (quick trips to a couple breweries on Saturday because of all the rain, New South and Grand Strand, both were excellent). But takeout is just as important when you're on the guys golf trip, so I figured I'd do a review of Friday night's takeout spot, Aroma's on 707.

Keep in mind, there are 2 Aromas, one on 707 in MI, the other on 17 Bypass in Surfside, both owned by the same folks. I haven't had food from the Surfside location, but the 707 location is pretty much universally agreed to be better.

We went in and ordered on our way home from the course rather than calling ahead. The do have beer on tap (wine as well, but no liquor), and we had a couple while we waited for our food (Yeungling), which were fresh and ice cold.

As it always is on the weekends, the place was a zoo. There's a fair amount of indoor seating, and a few tables outside (mostly people waiting for takeout, and they didn't mind us bringing our beers out there to wait). Original estimate was 25 minutes, it wound up taking 45-50. Not great, but not the end of the world (the beer was REALLY cold).

We got an order of wings, pepperoni pizza, chix parm sub (the Mrs.) and chix cutlet sub (me). The wings were reasonably crispy with pretty standard buffalo sauce, pretty typical, good solid wings. Given that wings don't normally travel well, I'd guess they'd be very good if eaten in-restaurant, but still worthy of consideration for takeout.

The subs were very good, and VERY large. IIRC, they only had one size. With the wings and pizza, we could have gotten by splitting a sub, and still had plenty of leftovers. Chicken was crispy and stood up to sauce (and mayo) well. Plenty of cheese on hers, with very tasty, nicely seasoned red sauce. Veggies on mine were very fresh.

The pizza was absolutely top notch. Mrs. Secondandgoal liked it better than any we've had down here, I thought it was a neck-and-neck second to Danny's NY Pizza up the street in Publix Plaza. Significantly better than any other pizza we've had since we've been down here. Nice thin crust with plenty of crunch on the outside, light and chewy inside. The red sauce was very tasty, plenty of herbs, a hint of sweetness, no bitterness at all. Sauce-to-cheese-to-topping ratio was spot on, well balanced, all elements complemented each other well.

One other factor for me was that the food was not excessively salty (at least for what you're getting). I've got to watch my sodium, and while any food of this type is going to be pushing the limit for me, this was not salty to the point where I couldn't eat it (which has happened at a few restaurants down here).

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Great info S&G.. on a pizza joynt I want to try.

Thanks, jw11

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Very thorough report.  Thanks! 

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Thanks for the info on Aromas, will definitely give it a shot in the winter time.

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Haven't been to Aroma's yet but will have to try it one of these days.  I saw there is an Aroma's sign at what used to be the Little Caesars in the Wal Mart Supercenter in Surfside Beach.  Not sure if they are moving the location next to the Shell station or are opening a 3rd location.

I will have to try it as Frank Pepe's in New Haven is still my favorite pizza in the US.

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