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Which courses tend to drain best/worst?  


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We will be coming down in early May and a guy on my trip shared the following story indicating that this could be a very wet golf season, and it led me to the question of which courses tend to drain well versus which courses should you avoid in wetter conditions.    We will be playing Heritage, Willbrook, Pawley's Plantation, Tradition, and Moorland so obviously I would be interested in how these courses rate but definitely open to feedback on others that hold up if/when rainfall is higher than normal.

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Our go to course when it's wet in MB is Grande Dunes - always off the path since they have so few of them, Pine Lakes seems to drain better than most.

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MB courses will drain quickly in May.  
Adding to the 2 courses above, The Dunes drains well.     

It's hard enough planning a lineup based on the courses you like and conditions.   
You will go nuts trying to factor in drainage.   If you live in MB and it rained multiple 
days in a row, then you could pick by drainage, but IMO it's useless for an advance 
booked trip. 
You have a very good group of courses, without paying the high rates at Dunes, Cal,
BF, TW.    

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