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Help Me Decide........  



Looking for help in making our final selections for our annual October trip. I would like to have people rank the following courses.... Pearl/West, Prestwick, Shaftesbury Glen.  There are 16 of us and none of us have ever played Pearl/West or Shaftesbury Glen, while only 4 of us have played Prestwick.

The things we would be most interested in would be.... course conditions, fast greens { guys hate slower bermuda}, fun/enjoyable layout.

We will be using 2 of these courses to finish off our itinerary.... already decided on The Dunes, Tidewater, and all 4 Barefoot courses.





Prestwick is the best of the three.  I would put Shaftsberry next but someone just posted that they are closing in June to replace their greens.  Should be reopen by October.  Last October our group went to Sandpiper Bay after they had replaced their greens and found them to be in great shape with good speed.    Pearl West is decent but the last two times I played it there were some conditioning issues.  There is a lot of love for PW on this site.


Prestwick without a single doubt would be my choice!

SG could be a nice second choice, even if, personally, I'd rather choose Pearl West!

In any case, my friend, I'm sure you'll make the right choice! 😉

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada


Prestwick:  Challenging and has fast greens. 
Shaft Glen:  Reasonably forgiving, more modern than Pearl. Should be your first day 
                       course with the rest of your lineup. 
Pearl West:  Likable enough if you want to get the cost down some.   
                        Good spot if you are playing 36 that day.     
Hybrid Bermuda greens are only slow in Oct if they are overseeded and it's starting to grow. 
That is hard to predict.    

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I would go with Prestwick as choice #1. SG would be my 2nd but with the new greens and most greens elevated might be tough to receive shots in with the new greens. PW not a bad course and usually on good condition at a cheaper rate.


Prestwick first - the others last. You want good fast greens - Prestwick. I like Pearl - not the same conditions. Shaftsbury is OK but nothing special.

Golf is just an excuse to drink whiskey and smoke cigars


I second. Prestwick for sure.


Thanks for the replies......

I figured Prestwick would be the easy first choice so we will play there for sure.... as for the 2nd choice.... as of right now i would have to say i am leaning towards Pearl/West which would be our opening round course for our trip!!


I would choose Pearl West, for the design, over the East golf course. But both are fun to play.