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Hey fellas -

Have you guys heard of any courses letting out a group of 5 going out together? Heading down last week of April and was trying to get a feel if we would have any luck on a Wednesday or Thursday of getting out with 5. Please let me know if you have heard anything and if it is course specific, please include.

Many thanks,


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You will probably be on the tee sheet as 3 + 2. 
Depending on how busy they are or the time of day, some courses will
allow you to play as 5 as long as you can keep up.    Some may be strictly 
against it and some might depend on who is rangering that day.       
I don't think anybody has played 5 often enough in MB to name courses 
that allow 5 or don't.   
You could always start 3 + 2, then pair up later.  
I will be interesting to read in your report who allowed 5 and who didn't.  



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Art is right.  The few times we had an odd-numbered group the courses made us go out as a 2 & 3.  We sent them out and they tried to play as a fivesome, but the rangers would split them up.  


When we were booking this year with Brian, I asked him a similar question.  I was told that it would be on the tee sheet as a 3 and 2.  From there it was going to be in the hands of the starter.  It was a possibility that 5 would be allowed to go out together, with a strong word of encouragement to keep pace with the group in front.

Very likely if going out as 2 group that both could ultimately end up trying to marry up on the course.  From there your fate is in the hands of the ranger.