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Travelling to Myrtle Beach from Canada - Covid Restriction


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Hey All,

Just wondering if anyone has travelled recently to Myrtle Beach as a Canadian, and what the entry to the USA and re-entry requirements for Canada are?

We generally drive over the border and then fly to MYR from the Buffalo area - it's my understanding that there are no testing requirements to enter the USA or board a flight within the USA  (Buffalo to Myrtle Beach, and also the return flight home), but then under the new rules, we would need an official negative Rapid Test (within 24 hours of re-entry into Canada) or PCR test result from a pharmacy or clinic in the USA.  Can anyone confirm if this is the case, and have any of the other Canadian members done this recently that can shed some light on their experience? 


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We crossed the border back in Dec. all we required was proof of vaccination ( 2 shots ) believe that is still required.  We return home in April at some point and we will require proof of our vaccination status and a negative within 72 hours of receiving one.  Friends who just returned home had their tests done at Walgreens by Barefoot Landing, within 5 hours they had their results and left for home the next day, Canadian Officials at the Border looked over their info and an hour later they were home.  Yes, you still have to fill out your Arrive Can Info as well.

@leftygar1 thanks for the info! Are you able to board a flight within the USA without a test result of you are fully vaxxed? Or would we need a negative test to board the plane in Buffalo?


At the borders (at Lacolle, because we drived) they asked me if i am vaccinated but they did not ask to see the proof. I responded that i had the 3 shots of the vaccine. It is all. My return is at the end of April. There is a good chance that we will not need any test for our return in Canada. I am optimist. If they asked again, i will go to Wallgreens in Myrtle Beach and take a PCR test. Of course, i will fill Arrive Can also. Hoping it could help you.

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I flew down in Oct before the Omicron wave from an upstate NY airport (Ogdensburg)  All that was asked on both flights was show proof of vaccination. Did the Arrive Can online submission to cross at Cornwall to get home,  no problems.

I drove down on Feb 5 going thru Lacolle,Que , was asked at US border about vax status & destination, all good to go. Drove home 12 days later again going thru Cornwall crossing, again, no issues.



@wolverine12 Thanks for the info, much appreciated


@wolverine12 There are problems if you test positive before crossing back into Canada. If you tested positive with a rapid test, then you have a few options. First is to keep taking rapid tests until you get a negative result, but the timeframe for that could be anywhere from one extra day to who knows how long. Second is to get a PCR test ASAP which is positive, and then you can cross back into Canada after 10 days from that test result. At least that sets a maximum number of extra days. Of course, in the meantime you can keep taking rapid tests (after the positive PCR test) until you get a negative result, at which point you can cross. Third option is to pay a $5,000 fine and then you can cross. Hopefully they drop the testing requirement very soon!

I didn't personally experience any of this (yet), it is just from info gathered online. But I know two people that did experience this when on vacation in Mexico (flying).

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As reported this past week, there will be no need to produce any type of covid test results starting Apr 1 to cross back into Canada.  Just the Arrive Can form.    That will make it a lot easier. 

@wolverine12 Oh... YEAH!!! 😉

And with that...we are booked for the last week in April. Let the good times roll...YAHOOOOOOO!!!