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Well I hate to type this as we have lost a few long time MBGT members in the last year or so. Today we lost someone close to me - TheCount, aka Tom Hallam, he was one of the people I made an instance connection with. We'd text each other every week - frankly, over the last 20 years - he had become dear to my heart and and considered him family. We got together every trip and either went out to play golf or went out for drinks. Our relationship was more than just booking some tee times under "The Counts rules" (no tee times before 12, don't keep score just use Checks and X's ,holes 1-18 are never to be played without an adult beverage and have fun!) He helped me upgrade my race motor, came to several races, then when he bought a condo at Myrtlewood. I helped him and his wife, Sharon, find a rental agency to use, who to use to install new flooring, furniture, paint, etc ... which contractors and businesses to use. His family come over for dinners at my house and we'd go to their condo. What a great guy .. he will be sorely missed and remembered with reverence. Rest easy my friend, the fight is over and you're no longer tied to your broken body. #FUCKCANCER!! RIP Thomas Hallam you were a good man! 


Brian Noblin
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OMG! 🙁

My deepest condolences to the members of his family and to all who, like you Brian, had the privilege of spending some great quality time with "The Count".

From what you wrote, everybody here would have love to share a few rounds of golf with him...

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada


Condolences to Brian over losing a close friend.  
It's unique how a friend can be closer than some family members.  

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Brian sorry for your loss o a great friend. We all know what a true friend really means to us. Agree about them being closer than family. 

Brownwood Bandit


Sorry for your loss. Condolences to his family. Damn cancer!

''It's just golf, let's have fun''


So sorry to hear.

God bless his soul .


"King Of The Mid-tiers"


Condolences Brian, it appears Tom was someone everybody would want on their buddy trip.


Sorry to hear that Brian, I'm sure he will be looking down on you whenever you are out playing.


Condolences my friend and much sympathy to his family.


Sorry the loss of your good friend.  He'll be missed on this earth but loved in spirit. 


Sorry to hear this Brian.  The Count had some great rules for golf and life.


Very sorry to hear, Brian.  Been a tough year.  Stay strong.