The 2011 Forum Outing started officially at the TPC of Myrtle Beach.  32 golfers met under cool, but sunny conditions.  I was partnered with Bob, Andre and Martin, who were great to play with.  Playing from the white tees, I struggled on the front, but managed to shoot a 41 on the back for an 86.  Some of the pin positions were very difficult, and putting was mostly a defensive action rather than aggressively chasing the pin.  I did do well on the par 3s, paring all of them.

With the late start, the marshal was pushing us hard when we were on the 17th tee box as he was concerned that the golfers behind us wouldn’t finish.  Considering we were four hours and fifteen minutes to that point, we weren’t really that far behind, and we were a hole ahead of the group behind us.  Oh well, we worked hard to stay ahead of them.

The shot of the day went to Bob, who on a short par 4, pushed his tee shot out to the right into the trees.  Sitting on the pine straw, Bob’s only shot was to draw the ball around several trees to the green, which he did, leaving the ball about 6 feet from the pin.  He then made his putt for a great birdie.  We also saw an alligator just off of the first tee, and another sunning himself on the far bank of the pond to the left of the #2 tee box.

The Pittsburgh crew, Jeff and I stopped on the way back to the Caravelle at Carrabba’s for dinner where I had the chicken and spinach cannelloni which was very good.

In terms of the Fall Classic (that’s what I am now calling it), Jeff and I tied today, so the score sits at 5-3-1 in Jeff’s favour.