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I’ve been to Myrtle numerous times but never played Barefoot. About to book a last minute trip. Wanted to play Barefoot the afternoon we arrive so which course should we play?  

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Call Brian.. phone number at the top of this page.


844-706 7503


He can book your time with 48 hour rate and let you know which one is in the best shape.

All you need to do is call him, set up tee time and show up to the course.


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All 4 are good.  Try to find which isn't aerated or has the tee time you want. 
The Dye is a love or hate style, but it feels more private with a separate
clubhouse and onsite range.  
Fazio + Love are usually preferred over Norman. 
Norman has condo holes, but it also has waterway holes. 

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First choice for me is Fazio then Norman, Love, Azalea Sands, then Dye

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The Love course was to aerate greens starting this past Monday.  


My list: Dye-Fazio-Norman-----------Love.

Scheduled to play Fazio Friday. It's been a few years since I've played it.


@tommy-d : to know the real conditions at those four courses, I would recommend that you contact the owner of this forum, Brian Noblin, at the following phone number : 844 706-7503.

This is the best way for sure to ensure a good golf "investment"! 😉

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played yesterday. surprised how little i remembered since my last visit. much wider and playable than i thought. we played the white tees.

greens were sandy (top dressed?) but didnt distract that much from putting.

pop was 410 on a friday morning.


 I remember a lot of room off the tees on the driving holes.

When I played Fazio a few years ago it was in outstanding shape.

"King Of The Mid-tiers"