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Rental Units in the COVID Era?

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Those of you who travel for golf vacations and stay in rental units are you confident the required housekeeping (disinfecting) is performed?  If there is daily service are you concerned about the general health of the staff that regularly enters your accommodations?

Do you ask specifically about the COVID protocols followed by the property managers.


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We have been using vrbo last few years to rent a 3 br condo in Barefoot yacht towers.

Last September,  we were all loaded up on sanitizers packed by our wives, & promised to "give the place a bath" upon our arrival.

No daily housekeeping so no strangers coming in every day, so we felt pretty comfortable with that.

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I would have done the same thing. It is better to do the job ourselves.

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Ditto for me!

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We bring clorox wipes and clean everything in the condo that we will be touching.. in every room. 


We have done this for the past 10 years

This past October the condo was very clean when we arrived. There was a lot less dirt on the chlorox wipes than usual. 

Which tells me the cleaning company was more diligent in their cleaning. 




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Our group stayed at the Ellington resort last August with 24 players.  Units were ok.....not the cleanest.  Bottom line is no one got sick, went to restaurants, bars, etc.....NO ONE GOT SICK.   If vulnerable, protect yourself!  99.9% of those who get it survive. Live your live, it's too short not to!!



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We had no issues but trusted no one, we wiped down with sanitizer wipes upon arrival, made older folks wait in car till living room and kitchen were done. Then as we wiped down bedrooms and bathrooms we made whole house available. We also wiped down outside furniture to make sure it was good. 

We did this for our safety not that we didn't think they cleaned. We also do not have daily cleaners so it was easier for us to keep it clean our way. We also bring with us tons of hand sanitizer which we keep in house, car and golf bags. 

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I rent my condo in Murrells Inlet out. One of the reasons I use the cleaner that I do between renters is that she is certified by SCDHEC for covid-19 sanitation and cleaning. She uses all hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants, and is very thorough about making sure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.

I know not a lot of the cleaners in the area have undergone that level of training from having asked about it while interviewing cleaners.

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Haven't done any cleaning in any of the units I have stayed in this year. No problems.