I didn’t play well, however the day was still great.  I had a few good holes, and if it wasn’t for my putting, my 88 would have been much higher.

The weather was really good.  Starting out in brilliant sunshine, it later clouded up a bit, and sprinkled on us for a few holes near the end of the round.  Nothing unpleasant and the warm day certainly made up for it.  The course was tough with lots of bunkers (I was in most of them it seems), and the greens were a bit spotty, slow and soft, however the ball rolled quite nicely, and made a few long putts and left some others very close.  I had no three putts on the day.

My group included Bob, and we played Wolf again, like we did at Glen Dornach in 2005.  I tried to take advantage of being lone wolf three times.  It failed once, we halved the second, and I was successful on my third attempt to jump into the lead.  On the last hole, Jeff and I were tied for the lead with five points each, and Mark and Bob each had three points.  Bob was wolf on the last hole, and the only way for him to win was to go lone wolf, and so he did.  Mark put his tee shot right intro the water, Jeff was left in the waste bunker and Bob and I were in the middle of the fairway.  Both of us reached the green in three (Jeff and Mark were out of it by this time), and Bob had the advantage as he was about 15 feet from the hole and I was 45 feet with an uphill, left to right putt.  Once again, I lagged my putt to under two feet away and Bob left his about the same.  Bob, being the gentleman that he is, agreed on conceding both putts and Jeff and I split the pot.

The day at the Dye Club also included Skins and a Blind Draw.  Jeff had two birdies, however he was not in the skins (which he took much ribbing for along with a couple of others), so the big winner with two skins was Yank and Dennis with one skin.  Yank also did well in the blind draw (He didn’t do the drawing), being paired up with Rich (who also had three birdies) and took the money for the blind draw.

After the round, we all sat in the screened porch area at the Dye Club, catching up.  Some of the guys went to Oscars for dinner, Jeff, Mark, Bob, Dennis and I went to Carrabba’s for a little Italian food.  It was Wine Wednesday, so Mark and Jeff took advantage of the free wine tasting and the $10 off bottles of wine.  The food was quite good, and it was nice to be able to walk to the restaurant and back to the hotel.  A visit to the hot tub and off to bed for the end of a great day one at Myrtle!

One other thing that I want to point out is the built-in GPS that is on every cart and the built in scorecard.  This was really cool and allowed us to track a real-time leaderboard as we were playing.  After the round, the skins printouts were fantastic and really simplified the accounting at the end of the round.  Anyone who is holding a big outing, or small outing, and wants this type of functionality, especially the live leaderboard, will not be disappointed!

See you all tomorrow at Pearl West.