I’ve never played Arrowhead and I was looking forward to playing the course.  There was also talk of playing a nin hole scramble afterwards which is always one of the highlights of my forum outings, and it would give me the chance to play all three nines of the course.  It was another beautiful day at the beach.  Sunshine and brilliant blue skies for the third day in a row, this was easily the best weather for the forum outing that I have ever attended.  Today I was grouped with Lefty, Moe and Mike F.  A great group, we had a good time all day.  I was hitting the ball much better, and my putting was still strong.  We played from the blues and my score of 87 was not really indicative of my play.  My drives were much better, with the exception of a couple of holes, and I only lost 2 balls, which was pretty good considering the water that was on the course.  And one ball was lost because I stupidly tried to hit it when my heels were hanging over the edge of a bunker, I was choking up on the club and playing it very tight to me feet.  i ended up shanking the ball hard right into a pond.  I did have a birdie on a tough Par 4, however Nick cut me off on that so no skins money at Arrowhead.  I did end up coming in last in the blind draw and won my money back for that, so it all worked out!

My buddies Jeff and Mark played with Joe and Charlie at Arrowhead and really enjoyed the day although they did not play well, both shooting a 92.  Their game came alive in the 9-hole scramble as they were grouped with Yank and Martin and managed to come in 6-under to take top honors.  There were 12 of us that participated in the scramble, and all had a great time.

25 golfers were out at Arrowhead and Roger joined us on the back nine and for the scramble, and we chatted with him about the Scotland trip that he is planning.  It sounds really interesting, I will have to look into that.

Saturday also is the night for the Forum Outing party.  This year, we had it in the room above the restaurant at the Caravelle and Brian did a great job again.  The pizza and wings from Gino’s was excellent and there was lots of room for cards and to watch football on the flat screen.  Equipped with an ice machine, it makes for an excellent location to host the Outing party.  I ended up leaving around 10:30 or so, it was going to be a long day on Sunday with an early round at Farmstead and then a long drive.