With two birdies on the day on my way to an 85, I finally won a skin.  In fact, all four of us won a skin.  There was a bit of confusion over which tee box should be played, however because we had started form the blues, we stayed back there.  Brian struggled a bit on the front nine, however, he figured it out at the ninth hole and finished the last 10 holes even par.  Jeff hit his new driver really well and the demo three wood better than I had seen him hit a three wood.

There was a funny part where we figured out that the difference between Jeff and Brian was a three wood.  On the last par 5 on the front, number 7 I think, Jeff hit driver, 3-wood, 4 iron the the front of the green, while Brian hit driver 4 iron to almost the same spot.  All in all, a great day.  We tried to play an extra nine, and could not find a course in the area that would let us out.  So we headed back to Martins where Jeff returned the demo 3-wood and bought a new one.

Dinner that night was at Carrabba’s again with a big crew.  Bob, Dennis, RB. DJ, Brian, Yank, Rich, Mike F and Mike G as well as Jeff, Marc and myself enjoyed another good meal.  Following that, Jeff, Marc and I headed over to Broadway at the Beach (after all this was Marc’s first trip to the beach), where we walked around, fed the carp, bought some hot salsa at the Pepper Palace and spent a few hours at Crocodile Rocks where we bumped into a few other forum guys.  Back to the hotel by 10:30 in order to get some rest before the early tee time at Arrowhead the next day.