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I've had a couple of questions around the differences between our two forum types.  I have documented things in a bit more detail in a blog post which can be found HERE; however, I wanted to do a quick discussion in this post also. 

The Q&A Forums (which are found in two places - The Advice section and the Help section of the forum) are used so that people can ask questions and get them answered by the general user base of MBGT.  It also allows for users to vote on what is perceived to be the best answer.  As answers are up or down voted, the highest rated answers will be shown first in the list of responses.  This allows for what should be the best answer (by the majority of our population) to be at the top and seen first. Examples of Question-based topics could be:

  • How are the greens at Fill-in-the-Blank course?
  • What is the best route to drive down from Cleveland, Ohio?
  • Would you rank Course 1 higher or lower than Course 2?

To make things simpler, I have added additional discussion forums (the original format) so that general chit-chat about courses, dining, and accommodation can be done as normal.  These are not really advice-style topics.  Examples of non-advice question-like topics could be:

  • What top 100 courses have you played in the US/Europe?
  • This is my spring course lineup, what are your thought?

And of course the usual discussions around just playing a certain course and how great the conditions are (which of course may be a subset of the Trip Report - don't forget the trip reports!)


Posted : 12/24/2018 9:53 am
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