Jeff and I rolled into the parking lot at Barefoot not sure what to expect.  Neither of us had played the Norman Course, and there are always mixed reviews of it.  I had heard that the holes along the Intercoastal were quite good, and I have to admit that they were.  The rest of the holes were pretty good, but certainly below the other Barefoot courses in my estimation.  When we got to the bag drop area, it was great to see everyone.  Leftygar even dropped by to say hi.  It was great to see him and the others after skipping last year’s event to go to Scotland instead.

Jeff and I were paired up with Yank and Hybridhack, who I had never met before.  I was glad to finally make his acquaintance and it turned out to be an excellent round in excellent weather.  Both Hybridhack and I struggled a bit off of the opening tee, however we managed to correct things over the next few holes.  I had a pretty good front nine, shooting 42 with two doubles.  I had a rough start to the second, going bogie, triple, triple to start +7 and finishing the back nine with a +10 46 for a total of 88.

As mentioned, I really like the holes along the water, and the bag drop staff was great.  The only issue on the day was that they had a private event inside, and they closed the outside bar before all of our group got in.  An executive decision was made, and we headed over to Putters Pub at the Barefoot driving range.  Would I play Norman again, maybe, maybe not; however, I am not sad we played it.

Tomorrow we play one of my favorite courses in Myrtle, Rivers Edge.  I hope my game is up to speed, or it will be a long day…