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Forum Outing 2013 – Day #3: Pearl West

Cold.  Did I say it was cold?  People were bundled up like it was the next Ice Age.  And it was early.  I think a few hardy individuals came straight from the bar.  Whatever it was, the cold or last night's libations, Pearl West took a bite out of almost everybody. Paul, Nick and BKMgr braved the cold and wore shorts.  It was so cold even I wore long pants, although by the  early holes [...]

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Forum Outing 2010 – Round 1: Pearl West

The first official round of the forum outing was played at Pearl West this year and the day was perfect.  Sunshine was the order of the day and the course was in really good shape.  A few nasty pin positions (holes 11 and 12 come to mind) and we missed the gators on the front nine, however our foursome, my buddies Jeff and Marc along with Mike G and myself, all had a great afternoon [...]

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