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2014 Forum Outing – Warm-up Course #2: Hidden Valley

We weren't sure what to expect from Hidden Valley Country Club.  After checking out of the hotel (we had driven to Salem after the round at Bedford Springs), we took the 10 minute drive to the course.  Driving in, we could see lots of elevation changes which were confirmed once we got out to the course.  The staff at the pro shop were excellent, and we were treated very well.  The driving range hit off [...]

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2014 Forum Outing – Warm-up Course #1: The Old Course at Bedford Springs

Long... That's all I can say about the Old Course at Bedford Springs. Long... It was a grey, threatening sky that greeted Jeff and I as we drove up the bag drop at Bedford Springs.  We had received a call earlier that they would like to move our tee time from 8:10 to 8:50 as they were expecting some fog.  As it turns out there was no fog, however the first tee time had been moved up [...]

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Forum Outing 2014 – Dave and Jeff’s Road Show

It's hard to believe that another year has gone by and the 2014 Myrtle Beach Golf Talk is at hand.  As usual Jeff and I are headed down and will be playing our way down. This year's itinerary is as follows: Bedford Springs - Old Course Hidden Valley Devil's Ridge Lechmere Wachesaw Plantation Club Barefoot - Dye Club (Forum Outing) Farmstead (Forum Outing) Long Bay (Forum Outing) Wild Wing Avocet (Forum Outing) So keep watch [...]

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Forum Outing 2013 – Day #4: Arrowhead

It's always a sad day when it's the last round of the Forum Outing.  Saturday the 26th was that day for me.  I was playing with a new foursome for me, Gary and Steve had been down before, however Bill was new to the Forum Outing.  All said and done it was an excellent day.  The group was lots of fun to play with, with some side bets always going on.  It also helps that [...]

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Forum Outing 2013 – Day #3: Pearl West

Cold.  Did I say it was cold?  People were bundled up like it was the next Ice Age.  And it was early.  I think a few hardy individuals came straight from the bar.  Whatever it was, the cold or last night's libations, Pearl West took a bite out of almost everybody. Paul, Nick and BKMgr braved the cold and wore shorts.  It was so cold even I wore long pants, although by the  early holes [...]

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Forum Outing 2013 – Day 2: River’s Edge

River's Edge.  This will be my third or fourth round at this course.  And I have a love/Hate relationship with it.  I know exactly what holes I do not score well on.  I know what holes I do score well on (and they are very few and far between...).  That being said, the course has some of the best march views in the area.  And when the sun is setting (as it will just after we [...]

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Forum Outing 2013 – Day 1: Barefoot Norman

Jeff and I rolled into the parking lot at Barefoot not sure what to expect.  Neither of us had played the Norman Course, and there are always mixed reviews of it.  I had heard that the holes along the Intercoastal were quite good, and I have to admit that they were.  The rest of the holes were pretty good, but certainly below the other Barefoot courses in my estimation.  When we got to the bag [...]

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Forum Outing 2013 – Warm-up Day #4: Wachesaw Plantation Club

Our final Forum warm-up day and another new course on this trip.  There's been a recent thread on Wachesaw Plantation Club, and it has been talked up pretty big.  Both Jeff and I were looking forward to a more traditional layout given the 'fun' we had on Dye yesterday, and we were impressed as we drove in. The staff at the course was great and soon we were checked in, loaded up and headed to the [...]

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Forum Outing 2013 – Warm-up Day #3: The Dye Club

After the typical good breakfast at the Caravelle, Jeff and I headed out to the Barefoot Resort to play a familiar friend, the Dye Club.  We got there in good time, hit some balls and headed out to the first tee.  Opening shots were nice and straight, straight into the bunker on the left.  This was to be a theme for me today, it was like "Welcome to the Beach"!  I was in a bunker [...]

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