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Myrtle Beach Q&A Forums – A New Type of Forum

Introducing Questions and Answers The new forum software we are using has two different formats available.  The first one is what users of MBGT have been using for years.  It allows a user to create a post and others reply.  You can add a Poll, attachments, etc.  Game on, same as usual.  The second type is a little different. Similar to Stack Exchange (you can look up the history of this here -, the new [...]

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Create A Forum Topic and Add an Attachment

The Myrtle Beach Golf Talk Forum gives our community an opportunity to help one another to achieve the best possible trip to Myrtle Beach.  However, in order to find out something, we need to ask.  And as it has been said, "A picture is worth a thousand words". This tutorial is geared towards doing that.  Creating a new topic as well as adding an attachment which will work not only for new topics, but for [...]

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Adding Your Tee Times to the Calendar

As with the old site, Myrtle Beach Golf Talk members can let others know where and when they will be playing by adding those tee times to the site calendar.  Doing it on this site is a little different, so here's how to do it in two ways. From the Calendar Page Click on the Calendar link on the top menu: This will display the Calendar.  At the top of the calendar are two links: [...]

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How to Register and Fill Out Your Profile on MBGT

Here you are.  You are looking at the Myrtle Beach Golf Talk Forum and you see that not everything is available to you, or you have a question about Myrtle Beach that you just cannot get answered.  Well, you are in the right spot.  We are going to get you registered on the site so you can fully participate.  This is the first of a series of tutorials that will help you get the most [...]

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Myrtle Beach Golf Talk – Reboot 2019

Welcome to the new Myrtle Beach Golf Talk Forum As you may have noticed, things have changed. Or this might be your first visit and if so, then welcome. It was not an easy decision to restart the site. We did this a number of years ago when the GEA forums were going away and Brian wanted more control on how things functioned and more protected if big changes were coming. So about 9 years [...]

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