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Forum Outing 2013 – Day #4: Arrowhead

It's always a sad day when it's the last round of the Forum Outing.  Saturday the 26th was that day for me.  I was playing with a new foursome for me, Gary and Steve had been down before, however Bill was new to the Forum Outing.  All said and done it was an excellent day.  The group was lots of fun to play with, with some side bets always going on.  It also helps that [...]

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Forum Outing 2010 – Round 3: Arrowhead

I've never played Arrowhead and I was looking forward to playing the course.  There was also talk of playing a nin hole scramble afterwards which is always one of the highlights of my forum outings, and it would give me the chance to play all three nines of the course.  It was another beautiful day at the beach.  Sunshine and brilliant blue skies for the third day in a row, this was easily the best [...]

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